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The dread and apprehension restarted the moment he posted the invitation to the notice board, and failed to leave as he kept himself busy with tasks around his house, and then eventually, along the Temple itself, rearranging portions of furniture to invite a precursor to dialogue. The consternation was twofold: because the chilling depths of the mountains, where he’d led and prevailed for years (machine and weapon, nonchalant and reticent, a blade on a throne), hadn’t been without its ridiculous, hostile, vitriolic antics (those ranked, those unranked, those with raised hackles, those who were indifferent, those who didn’t bother to show at all), and a need for the monarch to continually compose a world that should’ve had an ability to keep it together. The other was his inability to truly provide a discourse without some layer of awkwardness, or silence; far more comfortable in the corners and pockets of these chambers, eyes swarming to his favored spots. Not today though.

For something needed to happen: they’d already had groups taken, distorted, and reassembled amidst the Greatwood, beckoned by curiosity and snagged by temptation, then a pit, a monster, sacrifices without bloodshed or true upheaval. What else had occurred in those woods? In those clearings? In the elemental, ethereal containments? Some of them had witnessed a Naiad slipping from their litter. Some had wandered down the banks of the Stonesong. Some had entreated themselves to trade. Some wanted to embark upon camaraderie with the enigmatic Fae. It was a time to bring all the stories, all the legends, all the myths and knowledge together – and the fact that it was him doing it was not without its own sense of irony.

The cold-blooded Reaper, the beast who preferred isolation and detachment, whose voice was always lost between his head and his schemes, who thrived on rebellion and sedition – spreading his talons and claws into the vicinity.

But he’d promised that he’d try; and at the very least, he wouldn’t go back on his vows.

Eventually, others began to creep in. He’d supplied some amount of food and beverages on the nearby table (but no liquor; he didn’t need anyone in their cups in case situations escalated), hoping to entice others to join in, maneuvering chairs around so they encompassed a larger circle, not yearning to sit at the helm. He wasn’t a leader here. He wasn’t anything, really; massive, broad, but a figure not cut from their cloth - Outlander, a hiss, a drawl. But this wasn’t a time for them to growl and draw daggers; the world needed sagacity, especially in these uncertain, tremulous times. The warrior swallowed down the bits of anxiety creeping along his tongue, cleared his throat, and then began. “Welcome. I am Deimos. I was hoping we might gather here today to discuss the latest developments regarding the Greatwood and its inhabitants. There has been an enormous amount of actions and events surrounding the forest.” He could feel his tongue tie itself in knots, waiting for the disapproval, for a clamor of hostility and acrimony, features struggling to remain nonchalant. His stare registered the shadows, the darkness again, and so desperately wanted to be there – a longing he couldn’t have. His stare pinpointed back to the people drawing within, inhaling, exhaling, before continuing. “We were also intending to come up with means, measures, or strategies to interact positively with the Fae.” Since irritating, exasperating, or annoying them had not been tremendously effective. After this, not believing he should start the process (because all he’d done was bludgeon his way through the forest, get lost with their assembled crowd, and then get led by a wild Fae), his gaze swam over those already there. “Would anyone like to begin?”

{A information/knowledge thread for anyone who wants to know what\'s been going on with the Greatwood, Fae, etc. Please bring in your characters who\'ve experienced something, including kidnappings, trades, so that we can come together and figure out where to go from here. <3}
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