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"Huh." Her head bobbed with a slow nod, processing the information before deciding that there simply wasn't enough context for her to make any graceful leaps or bounds in understanding. The ideas and concepts that defined "her world" were still so indistinct that the parallels she could draw came more like some knee-jerk response. Still, it was solid advice that she took to heart, or at the very least wanted to try.

Jigano's concern for his own well-being was met with a dispassionate stare and a ponderous silence, as well as his offer of healing, as though it needed much consideration. Still, she hesitated to invite him closer, finding herself simply unable to form the words or find a gesture to beckon him. The only offer of confirmation came as he approached to steal away the cloak as she gave the woolen fabric a limp-wristed shove in his general direction, gathering her thoughts with a deep inhale. "I don't really blame you too much. I probably would if you made a wrong move. Assume it's safer for us both this way." She watched, but did not so much interfere, perhaps a bit sad to see such a nice cloak go to shreds like this. It was a tragedy that an object that spoke of craftsmanship or the wealth required to attain such neat hand stitching of flowers and vines was being reduced by necessity and happenstance to rags though she did not imagine that it would serve her much good in this heat. All transitions demand sacrifice, she reassured herself, and in turn offered him what she hoped was an affirming smile. "We'll see about that training."

His confidence was at least making a decent attempt at reassuring her of his conviction and capabilities, though his proximity was making her uncomfortable. She remembered long-limbed wolves in traps, their limbs proportioned and contorted in strangely human ways, their minds almost entirely animal, how once she had found a human arm gnawed off at the elbow with gnarled claws and coarse black hair sprouting from its knuckles, a bear trap clamped above the wrist. If only the threat on her freedom as something so simple as a limb in a snare.

"Melinoë." She told a distant wall over his shoulder a name, her brow furrowed as she resumed picking through what he had said to her earlier. "You said there were changed humans- changed how?"
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Dispassionate stares from concussed people weren't all that unusual, and he met hers with calm equanimity as he waited for her decision. The shove of fabric was all he needed to gather it, but he was no artless hack with his knife; the cloak was large, and she was a tiny thing. There was no reason to destroy the whole garment when he could start from the bottom, carefully slicing long strips a few inches wide and tossing them back to her as he did, avoiding slicing into the finely-embroidered work at the edges as much as possible. Such trim could easily be repurposed onto a new garment in the future, and he had been on Caido long enough not to waste any bit of finery or Outlander trade good that she could use to barter with in the future. "Safe as you can be while bleeding out," he agreed wryly. "And I'm not a fully trained healer, I'll grant you that, but I've the basics, at least. Enough to bind wounds and sprains and stitch up gashes, provided I have needle and thread. Which I don't keep on me for walking out to the farm, though perhaps I should." Given how lucky he had been to bring through as much as he had through the portal, he supposed he shouldn't let the lesson lapse and assume it wouldn't happen again. Keeping a few basic necessities on him at all time would be exhausting... but there would be times when they would pay off, after all.

"Melinoë," he repeated, tasting the alien name with a fine appreciation for new things and the new worlds they represented. "I've not heard anything like it here before. Well, Melinoë, there are four types of humans here. Races, you might call them, though all began as human. There are normal humans, that look like you and me, but with no other characteristic to set them apart. They are called 'Accepted' because they are most loved by the gods. Then there are mages... called 'Abandoned' because the gods do not generally care much for them, due to an event in the past. Some have control over one element or another, others can create objects from thin air, or heal wounds in mere minutes, or drain the life force from a creature. There seems to be quite a variety of types of magic, and many are master of more than one ability." He paused there, waiting to see if she had any questions before he continued with the other types.

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