Looking for Trouble
Phoebe Steadman
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As far as Phoebe knew, it took a lot for wolves to attack humans. But clearly these ones were desperate enough to try, even through their fur looking much skinnier than animals that size should have. And though being starved might have weakened them, it also made them more dangerous, being more determined to win their kill in order to survive. How quickly Melita jumped into action was inspiring, and briefly Phoebe wished she had her grit. But wishing wouldn't get her anywhere. She would have to will herself some grit if she was to be any help. She had to pull her own weight.

Melita's first strike rang true, and with a yelp one wolf was knocked unconscious, collapsing on the ground with a yelp. But her following strike missed, the other wolves having gotten smart, dodging around and backing up slightly. She wasn't as easy a target, even if she was outnumbered.

The young midwife looked around, trying to find something to attack the wolves with, which was when she saw the other two behind her. "They're behind us too!" she said, her voice shaky, eyes wide with panic as she faced them. Brown eyes spotted a large rock and despite her fear she lunged for it, thin fingers clutching it for dear life. As she did so one of the wolves jumped at her, knocking her to the ground. Phoebe screamed and flailed, whacking the wolf in the face with rock she held, making it retreat with a pained yelp. She shakily got back to her feet, trying to not lose eye contact with them again.
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