[SE][OPEN] Singing for Safrin
Beatrix Launceleyn

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As soon as the rock hit his head and he winced at the sudden impact, Beatrix erupted into a fit of cackling. ”I got you!!” say she said still snickering, squatting down to sit on the rock, since she was liable to fall off with how hard she laughed at the man.

But then suddenly her eyes drooped and she felt almost…sleepy. You see, being yet a child, Beatrix was particularly susceptible, her own magic barely a defense. That said…her general reaction might not have been what he anticipated. ”I don’t wanna go anywhere. I’m just gonna take a nap right here.” she said, curling up right where she sat, perched on the rock, in a near cat-like manner. Yes, a good little nap after all this adventuring in the wonderfully creepy Underground. And she got to bean someone in the head with a rock. It was a good day.

As she started to drift off she mumbled to herself:

”Saffy, Safrin, I’m a sleepy Bea
Just like the night sky is hangin’ over me.
I’m gonna take a nap in count of three.
Please keep the old man far away from me.”
Bastien De Rosieres
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Bastien smiled as Beatrix 'decided' she was going to take a nap and laid down. It wasn't quite what he had expected, but it would work. As she drifted off he gently leaned forward to scoop her up in his arms and hold her to his chest, walking swiftly out of the cave.

"You know, Safrin-" He mumbled, looking up towards the sky. "It seems you have quite the dedicated little disciple here. You should not let my contact with her taint her potential. I still think a church with your name could be beautiful. Stars are very aesthetically pleasing." Because clearly, that was the main point of a place of worship: to look good.

He walked towards the town, making sure Beatrix was comfortable in his arms. As much as he did not care for the company of children, his heart did soften a little bit at the sight of her sleeping face, even with the stinging on his head. Perhaps he had once been so cheeky.
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