I. The Spire
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The Spire

Inside the Bubble...

Life inside the Hollowed Ground has remained unchanged for generations. The magnetic field appeared suddenly some 300 years prior, radiating through like a deathly harbinger, levelling buildings and homes and reducing them to ruin. When the dust settled only one thing remained - a black spire which dominated the heart of the area, standing sentinel over the newly birthed wasteland.

As well as the structural damage, most life within the bubble extinguished that day. Most, but not all. Some inhabitants survived, forgotten by the gods they once knew and loved, abandoned and left to survive by luck and wit alone.

Centuries later and things have only degraded further. Still unable to leave, and with the local flora and fauna becoming increasingly unpredictable and mutated, the situation is starting to look dire.

308 PC: Leafchange. The Arrivals...

Outlanders were not entirely unheard of for the natives of the Hollowed Ground. One might appear every 50 years or so, and even then news of the event would rarely reach all of the inhabitants. But one day, seemingly out of the blue, a great number of Outlanders suddenly arrived before the Spire. This many appearing all at once was worth taking note of. How did they arrive? Why are they here?

For the Outlanders and the Naturals both, this season has been a time of adjustment, of tolerance, requiring the exchange of much knowledge from both sides. Throughout Leafchange, the following occured:

  1. There seem to be two categories of god - Old Gods and New Gods. Of the Old Gods, the Naturals have introduced the Outlanders to Vi, Mort and Rae, but they have not been seen since before the magnetic field appeared.
  2. There are other Old Gods, however. Through prayer, random events and quests, several characters have been introduced to Frey (a god(dess?) of sex and sexuality - probably), Safrin (a beautiful goddess with starlight in her eyes who offers boons in exchange for spreading news of her name) and Ludo (a godlike being which can imitate dead/lost loved ones whose intentions are still murky at best)
  3. Gods can apparently be scary and terrifying.
  4. A monster guards the Spire known informally as the Spire Demon. According to the Naturals it does not eat, sleep or defecate and has been around for as long as the Spire's existence. By fighting the monster, it has also become apparent that it has a dislike for lightning and fire, it does not appear to be entirely... organic, and its bite is venomous. It will also attack on sight, and killed an Ascended - Wessex - when she attempted to fight it alone.
  5. The magnetic field is not merely dangerous in that it will not allow the inhabitants of the Hollowed Ground to leave - people who linger near the field for too long will eventually die, their internals reduced to sludge.
  6. The Outlanders were introduced to a festival celebrated by the Naturals: the Festival of Lights. Intended as a way to remember the dead, it appears that a lucky person may be favoured at the end of the festival and may catch a glimpse of those they have lost.

308 PC: Deepfrost. LongNight...

A time of preparation, brutality and survival. The Naturals warned the Outlanders of LongNight - a period of week-long darkness at the end of Deepfrost, renowned for danger and untold horrors. Throughout Deepfrost, the following occured:

  1. The New Gods made their presence known in the form of the Voice - a strange, holographic goddess seemingly tied to shrines. She is closely affiliated with the Ascended, and she is very keen to get into the Spire and out of the bubble.
  2. Conversely, the Old Gods - who have proven themselves equal parts sweet and horrific (sometimes the same god, sometimes in the SAME THREAD) - have expressed conflicting feelings over the barrier. Through interaction with them, Outlanders and Naturals have discovered that they must keep the Voice from escaping at all costs.
  3. Through a meeting in the Temple, it has been agreed that a group will attempt to dispatch the Spire Demon again in Flowerbirth in a better planned assault.
  4. Wessex came back to life during this meeting(!?)
  5. LongNight happened. Many perished:

    All of Emmett's family apart from his younger siblings.

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