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Bastien De Rosieres
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"It is the only reccommendation there is, my friend." Bastien laughed, shrugging. Perhaps he didn't have a very varied assortment of ways to solve problems, but his way worked, didn't it? Everyone usually had a good time and it was hard to be mad with wine in your belly and wind on your --

Mio Dio. Your skill with the magic never ceases to amaze me. Ah, if only we could get back to Venice. We could be the best street show in the city." He smiled nostalgically as he took the basket from Remi and held it up to the light to inspect the weaving work. "As for the clothing, I'm sure I have something you could borrow. Just tell me how much skin you'd like to show and I'll find it. I have managed to gather myself quite the closet here."
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Remi Abruzzo
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Chuckling, Remi hugged his arms around themselves and grinned down at the artist. He recalled when he had first met Bastien that the man had talked about Venice; a place where apparently everyone sounded as he and Bastien did. It was strange to think of, though now Remi merely snorted and shook his head.

"I will indeed." He chuckled, releasing his arms and putting his hands in his pockets. "But for now I should be going. I will see you at the festival, I am sure." Remi said with a bright smile, before continuing his walk to the guildhall.

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