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Roana Steadman
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No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty
Roana heard the pun, only smirking a little in response though. She did relent a little and nod. "That is true. But we will cross that bridge when and if we reach it." she said. It would always be the last resort in her mind, but she wasn't naive enough to think it an impossibility. Alot depended on how things shook out, and the moves the opposing force made.

What was the right way. Such a question. "Well, we must first build our strength to be able to stand against them should need be. But...I need to work on speaking with the gods more. We will need their assistance. My hope is we can find a way to tether the Voice to the Old Gods, so she can be controlled by the larger pantheon in a way, or at least kept from doing massive harm. Then those who wish to worship her or become Ascended may do so freely, for their own personal reasons whatever those may be." she explained.
Are Jormsson
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He knew he was right! Well, more or less right, instincts on point but in dire need of some fine tuning to pick out details of situations he was likely to miss in his haste to do what was 'right'. No matter how right he would ever be, there was always doubt gnawing away at the resolve he so tried to put on display. A warrior's way was to proudly go where others dared not, but to Are it was far less than that. Action, instead of reaction. Violence and force, instead of apathy and resignment.

Roana's explanation of the grand plan had the increasingly incoherent Are's brow furrowing further and further. It all sounded so... Well, grand. To do what was best for all that inhabited Caido, yet still be ready should it come to steel. Truly the plan of a hero with a true heart, but however beautiful it all sounded, there was still that ounce of doubt in the back of his mind. He wanted to believe, he wanted to follow, and to do good. Be the better man. Yet, the man, drunk as he might've been, could never not see the worst outcome. The one where his ideas, no matter how brash and horrible they sounded when he voiced them, were needed, and needed to be put into action swiftly, without mercy.

Are shuddered at the mere thought of it and knew not if there was anyone fit to carry the burden of such a task. He needed another drink. A slow mouthful, a short respite from his doom and gloom and an opportunity to 'not take out misery in advance, and make the best of what's at hand'. "Communing with the gods..." he said and shook his head, laughing at just how silly it sounded to say it like it was just another task need doing. "Yes. They have answers, answers we might not like though, but answers nonetheless. I like your answers better though, they make it seem like what I've finally come to see is a touch more possible." he said, melancholy shining through cloudy eyes as he remembered a pale friend's hope and how it had reflected his own. "Hope for a world called dying, life among the ruins. It's a long way, and a perilous one at that. I don't know much, but I'll do what I can to push things along."
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