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Deimos Ignatius
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They believe nothing can reach us
And pull us out of the boundless gloom
There’d been a gathering, and hardly anything good came out of dins, crowds, and hordes, a mass of people and inhabitants wandering in their own muck and mire. But as he approached, and some drifted away, he could read the sign now placed there, between the outskirts and the Greatwood, a common sanction and area – repose, if for an instant.

There, printed, some titles, some explanations: The Cloister of Trials.

Hadn’t there been enough trials?

He’d had tribulations from the very beginning, but the purposeful slate of his mind delved more into the possibilities for this event. They could get stronger, training, skirmishing, and dueling. With the latest disaster floating through his mind, he knew he had to get tougher, mentally and physically. He’d done well in the Spire until he simply hadn’t; too reliant on invocations and enchantments, the smoke, the fire, and the poison seeping through the haze. There was always the opportunity to forge and implore for more endurance, to scrape within the channels and chambers of his pulsing veins, of the necromancy, of the creation magic, settled, pooled, and coiled within.

It would be another instrument for growth, for brawn, for might.

Somehow managing to convince himself, he advanced, briefly nodding to Delah and Arduinna, before grabbing hold of the charcoal. The Reaper’s stare surveyed the other names there, ascertained they’d eventually be partners, allies, comrades, and opponents, but worthy; neatly placing his title amidst the fold. Then he backed away, his silence remaining, his soul kindled and incensed.
They're wrong
Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
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On starlit wings the girl approaches, flying down to the gathering with Jyoti in her wake.

She has heard whispers of this strange competition: Greatwood Guardian, Cloister of Trials, things she normally would not be interested in, tests of strength and dignity, fighting in an arena for some undefined glory. Amalia is not a fighter, a warrior, a wielder of weapons or magic or skill.

But she is purposeless, lost in a world that makes increasingly less sense, looking for somewhere to place her reverence, a cause to commit to. And this- this seems as good a cause as any, a reason to pursue.

Landing lightly on the ground, Amalia shifts to human form, taking on legs and skin and fingers and plucking a slice of charcoal from the table. She glances at Delah and Arduinna, wondering if the warchief will send her away, laugh at her after her ineffectual actions in the Spire (her attempt at indifference is entirely thwarted by Jyoti's friendly cooing to the smaller girl). So many of the titles added are familiar, people she knows and loves. With sharp letters she adds her name:

Amalia Chandrakant.
You are flesh and blood
And you deserve to be loved
and you deserve what you are given
And oh, how much
Wessex Theskyra
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out of the night that covers me
The idea that Wessex, the abomination herself, might be a defender of the Greatwood is probably laughable heresy to the fae, but she will seize every opportunity to prove herself.  She may be at a disadvantage with the daylight thing, but she is ever optimistic. Rolling up in her usual cloak after everyone’s left, the Ascended peruses the list, finding the usual suspects - and some new ones. Even Are’s runes shift before her eyes, causing the tiniest of satisfied smiles.

With a nod to the war chief (she looked better than she did in the cave) and the beautiful (no, stunning,) other fae (who she has no idea holds Wessex’s favor in her hands) Wessex signs her name to the list and walks away.

Wessex Theskyra

Here goes nothing.
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Lucas Copperhead

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How long the two Fae were going to sit and wait for victims was beyond Lucas, but having watched a great deal of them come and go (and especially after seeing Wessex sign up), it only seems fair to throw his name into the ring. Because what else is there to do in this shithole, really?

"Ladies," he purred as he approached the sign up sheet, taking up the charcoal and adding himself to the growing list of warriors. Lucas Copperhead. Damn, but he couldn't even remember the last time he had written his name down like this.

But there wasn't really time for nostalgia. The deed done, the Ascended strolled away again, back through the trees and into the woodlands.

making work for idle hands
Edrei Launceleyn
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Resisting the urge to draw a dick over Lucas' name (she was the left-hand of the queen after all, and this was a rather public notice), Edy merely shrugged and scrawled her name above his with surprising neatness. Above, because as Lucas well-knew, Edy liked being on top.

Noting the other names with a slightly raised brow (ohhhh how fun some of these pairings might be), Edy made a purring sound directed at Bobi, before sashaying away to make room for others.
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Here's a list of things Rory is not: brave, a fighter, cunning, clever, someone who seeks recognition and honor and approval.

Here's a list of things Rory is: ..himself.

Truth to be told, being Rory isn't as bad as he likes to make it sound. It means being a survivor, it means sometimes doing the uncomfortable thing for the right reasons, it means being calm and kind (and forgetful and curling up in a ball when kicked and dreaming of things you can never have, with an aching heart).

In truth, only the last thing from the first list is the only thing that he truly isn't. Everything else he is, but he won't ever think it himself. Like with most people, he's never the hero in his own story.

Then why on earth was he there? Why was he answering a call for something that would end in glory?

Call it fatal curiosity. Call it diplomacy. Call it a lapse in personal judgment. Call it.. actually, whatever. It just was what it was: Rory was curious, and the Fae were reaching out. It would be rude to turn his back on that.

So, he wrote on the board, in the fine script he'd practiced for the bloody tyrant of the Grounds: Rory.

No more, no less.

Few remembered that he had ever had a different name, anyway.
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