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The rising chorus, the joy, the celebration - all is jubilant and bright in the starlight. As Arduinna disappears (with an indulgent smile to the one who has brought her here), her work done, the Undine's voice rises in impossible harmony, ringing out across the Crimson Cataract and filling the Greatwood with its glee.

Her scales shine, her bright eyes clear and deep and blue once more, and with a deep, respectful bow of gratitude to all those who attend her, she dives deep into the pool once more with a splash.

Her song echoes, urging the festivities to continue, and in her wake a gathering of will-o-wisps dance across the surface of the water and out, out into the forest.

One of them takes pause by Remi, hiding in the undergrowth. And if he isn't mistaken, he would swear that it flutters forward, kisses him on the nose and is gone.

Remi has won the drop! He receives + 2 Luck by a kiss from a will-o-wisp! <3

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