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PIM - Mythical - Dragon (Electricity)
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Pim crouched, his butt and tail sticking up in the air, shaking his head side to side as if practicing for the exact moment. Daddy Frey said it was okay so Pim would do his best!

”What?!” Phoebe gasped and glared at Pim. ”Pim! No! You can’t do that! Emmett is just a jerk not a bad guy! We don’t tear jerks to shreds we just ignore them!” Phoebe scolded. To Pim though, Phoebe’s words all rather muddled together, as if she were talking to him through a fish bowl of water. He did recognize some of the weird, garbled noises as particular words though, and clearly the tone. Pim hissed at her, then grumpily plopped down before looking up at Frey with a very see, what did I tell you? sort of emotion running through him.

”Love Phoebe. Phoebe dumb too.” Pim grumbled to the god.

Phoebe sighed and shook her head, covering her eyes with her hand. ”I would usually agree but not with that one.” Phoebe said, huffing back at Pim after he huffed at her. Impudent dragonling aside, she managed a smile at Frey. ”Thank you for this though, Frey. I hope it makes them happy…and I will be sure they know it is thanks to you it is possible.”
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Frey sighed and nodded wearily, completely appearing to be on the dragon's side. Tearing into flesh was one of the great stress relievers after all. Get used to it. Frey replied with another shrug. Dumb was basically hardwired into the humans, after all.

"Might do you some good too. Orgasms are good for the soul." Frey replied with a languid and easy smile. Their own sex organ, almost always semi-erect anyways, twitched suggestively. "And I can tell you now that neither Ronin nor Remi have anything catching." They added with a laugh. "And if you chose to use the liquid on someone else, so be it."

Phoebe has received

Sex Potion | A crimson liquid that tastes of strawberries and chocolate. When drank, it removes all sexual impediments from the drinker for 8 hrs. 3 doses.
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