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from what i’ve tasted of desire
i hold with those who favor fire

The Moon Goddess? Her brow furrows, far more deeply than it has before. A woman did that? A Goddess? Who theoretically would have been sworn to protect people? It seems like a massive betrayal of everything a God is supposed to do. Or perhaps… perhaps it is like the Blight, with enmity amongst the Gods fueling cruelty. Feeling helpless often leads people to last out at others who are even less helpless than ourselves. Perhaps… perhaps that is what Gods do.

Lily feels a little sad for Gaucho the Wildfire. It wasn’t his fault, but she knows how emotions can run crazy, particularly when you’re supposed to trust those in power. She has no real opinions on the rulers here - Ronin seems cool, she’s never interacted with Wessex because Astor hates playing with her herself. But she, too, may have difficulties with the things to come. “I hope he didn’t punish himself too much, “ she says to Melita, who made it seem more than a story.

We did it,” she corrects, emphasizing the part her friend has played in all this. “I couldn’t have done it without you.” Not daring to look back from whence they’ve come, Lily shakes herself out and tries to send the adrenaline away. “Can I thank you by making some tea? I’ve got some scones from Amalia, too.”

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