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She hovered on the edge of the half-circle of stones a long while. The only places of worship that Asavvi had ever seen had been vast and imposing, temples of white marble and gleaming everywhere with gold that reflected the desert sun. This was a far cry from that sort of majesty, and the young woman found she preferred it. Even intimidated as she was by the unplumbed knowledge of a new pantheon this place was...sweet sweet she decided, sweet and comforting on a way anything associated with her mother's god had never been.

With a delicate touch she laid a hand upon one of the stones. "I hope I'll be forgiven, if there is some protocol I don't know. I only mean to linger a while in a beautiful place and I bring no intent to harm. My name is Asavvi and I-I'm a little bit adrift." It felt polite, she thought, to introduce herself and better to tread lightly with forces she had no knowledge of. Her voice was gentle and on trailing end of her sentence a little sad.

She let her self step in then, and with a quiet curiosity began a slow circuit of the stones. Some were painted, she noticed, and lightly traced her fingers along the patterns of one before it occurred to her that it mapped out a formation of stars. Constellations she thought, but none that she recognized. When she'd first come to Caido Asavvi had spent long nights looking for familiar patterns in the stars. She'd stopped when she realized that they were just different here. That more than anything had made her feel very far from home.
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She spends a good deal of time here of late, lingering in the half-circle of stones as the days grow shorter and the autumn nights live long. It is an evening pilgrimage similar to that she used to make to the temple; a longer journey, to be sure, but one she is glad to make. Together she and Jyoti light the fire and tell the stars about their day: mundane moments, ardent triumphs, the small and large poured out to the sky. Perhaps the goddess is not listening, but they like to think she is.

That maybe, maybe, their adoration will make Safrin feel better.

(It makes them feel better, at the very least)

Today they carry a basket of food, two day old bread and cheese and strips of meat. Not a feast, but enough for a slim girl and a whale who eats nothing but starlight. Amalia wears a pack on her shoulders, but the shoulders are those of a leopardess, feline musculature beneath a coat of dense fur, long tail swatting the air as she lopes. The evening air is crisp and cool, the sun already falling low in the sky by the time they crest the familiar hill, the whale swimming up ahead, the leopard lingering behind.

Unfamiliar is the figure who stands among the stones. The leopardess draws to an abrupt stop, slinking instinctively behind the pillar, her ears perked up and her body low as she listens to the stranger speak. Asavvi, the girl says, A little bit adrift- and oh, if Amalia cannot relate to that particular sentiment. Thoughtful, observant, the baker makes a circuit of the shrine, following the unknown figure - Asavvi - on silent, subtle paws. She does not know if the girl is Attuned, but figures it is worth a try: Hello? she calls out mentally, as Jyoti trills aloud.
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