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Nestled inside of the Undercroft is a board clearing meant to be often checked, where information of various types can be easily dispersed.

You may use this code to post your notices, if you like:

<center><link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><div style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0 auto; width: 70%;">
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Alina Estarr

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I request assistance setting up a proper training ground. Meet me on the outskirts of the Village at dawn tomorrow.

-Alina Estarr

{PQ} bend but don't break

Remi Taliesin
the Lullaby
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It had been a while since Remi had been to the Sidhe village, but with Ianto as his guide, he made it easily enough. With a pre-written note, the alchemist adds to the notice board before returning back to his and Ronin's camp.

Dust Storms

Ronin and I will be trying to go through the storms to the West. Should any Fae want to come, meet us in two days time at noon near the most westerly edge of the Stonesong.

~ Remi Taliesin.
Speaks with  thick Italian accent.

Force and magic can be used against Remi without permission.
Juniper Dubois
the Amberwing
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Assistance setting up an embassy in the Sea of Branches would be appreciated! When it is complete, Fae and non-Fae will be able to visit for information and assistance relating to each other.

It requires some construction and maintenance, and some furniture needs to be moved.

{PQ} if you lived here, you'd be home by now

Juniper Dubois

coding base by Skylark

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You don't know me an' i don't know you. But I run a caravan that goes all the way from Hak Etme down to the Feverlands. Only there's some big skeletal cunt in the sands up here that won't let my damn wagon leave.

Whoever comes up here and kills this bag of bones can have any item they want from my store.

OOC: This notice will serve as IC justification for an upcoming KQ!

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