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Amalia didn’t respond to any of Loren’s comments, which he supposed was fair. At her mention of the Temple, though, he bit his lip and nodded. ”I will. And...again. as safe as you can, and look out for each other out there.” Just because it was dangerous for groups didn’t mean they couldn’t have each other’s backs. However, he wasn’t going to make any promises not to die, because he was trying not to make promises he couldn’t keep.

As the baker commented that she needed to get to work, he scarfed down the last of his food—not being fed reliably growing up or for the past year meant he could eat quickly when he had to—then helped her clean up. He should get back to his long to do list as well. Then, however, Amalia spoke, and he could hear the weight of her words settling over him.

Just because he didn’t necessarily believe in the gods as fervently as she did didn’t mean he couldn’t reciprocate the gesture. ”Same to you. May Vi and Safrin both watch over you, as you watch over others, Shield.” He’d heard her use the epithet more than once, and while he didn’t know exactly what it meant, it had to be important and surely meaningful to her. ”Thank you for finally feeding me. And...I’m sorry it didn’t happen sooner.” Maybe if they both got through this they could do it again, under happier circumstances.
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