Random Event when suddenly there came a tapping
Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Hand of the Queen / Baker
Portal Guardian
Age: 22 | Height: 5'6 | Race: Attuned | Nationality: Natural
Level: 12 - Strg: 34 - Dext: 34 - Endr: 35 - Luck: 34
JYOTI - Mythical - Starwhale (Humpback)
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if tomorrow brings new hope, i hope it brings you
A body. A body she knows. And atop it, a feasting beast.

As Jigano grabs Caiside's body Amalia slams the outer door shut, sealing it quickly before turning to the inside one, trying not to tremble with terror for what she's seen. "Open the door! It's us!" the baker calls into the guildhall, adding silently for Deimos' mind: Call Zuriel and Jyoti. Jigano's hurt.
Amalia & Jyoti
Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword
Militia General of the Hollowed Grounds / Guildmaster

Age: 26 | Height: 6'4" | Race: Abandoned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 8 - Strg: 29 - Dext: 28 - Endr: 33 - Luck: 28
ZURIEL - Mythical - Unicorn (Healing)
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Deimos could hear the reverberations through the attuned bond; another one gone, dead, succumbed to the forces outside. He didn’t know the individual, didn’t question why he’d been out there in the cold, in the eternal expanse of monsters and mayhem. He maneuvered towards the door instead, opening it at Amalia’s call, no hesitation as his blade was placed back along his belt, hands ensuring the aperture and threshold were clear, no barring of any entry. Then he glanced back towards  Zuriel along the hearth, a quiet rumble in their connections – he could see, feel, her clearly fighting a slashing barb of disdain that she’d have to heal the bard, but at his arched brow she still meandered forward, ready for her duties to assume again. Thereafter, his eyes lifted upon Jyoti, inclining his head in Amalia’s direction, hoping the starwhale would heed the call.
He was something solid
to lean against
violent and fierce and unmoving

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