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& to a place i come where nothing shines
The knocks were quiet, as if the fingers rapping against the door were weak and the arm behind them weaker. But they were knocks, and they echoed ominously, somehow making their way through the foyer into the Guildhall beyond.

A voice followed, once strong, now broken. ”It’s Amun! Open up! I answered that fucking call and the monsters got me.” Although there was desperation and fear there, in what little voice there was, there was also an anger. Again came the pounding, this time from two sets of fists, neither of them sounding entirely whole or strong.

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"Opening the door—" The alchemist called loudly as he entered the earthen foyer. Feathers bristled in his hair as the hair on his arms turned tawny with adrenaline. Wings spread from his sides as he reached for the doorknob. Twisting it with every intention of shifting to block the entrance should things go sideways.

Pulling back to reveal the crumpled and wounded ascended, Remi grabbed at him with his magic, hauling him inside the threshold and slamming the door shut behind. "Isla—" He called out, glancing up. Though it was awkward to have the unicorns inside of the guildhall, it was proving useful on more than a few occasions.

"Amun, are you alright?" He asked, kneeling at the man's side until the dark unicorn could arrive to heal him as best she could. Once done, using magic and might, he brought the man to his feet. Thinking the fire or a bed might be the best place for him, Remi remembered how little the ascended actually felt, and opted for plopping him down onto the couch.

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