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Oliver Unknown

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Taking a cue from Loren, he picked up his own mug and took a nice swig of the liquid, relishing in the warmth that it brought him. "I'll go talk to them...I know of talked with Bastien, but I've only heard of this Amalia...I don't know if I'll ever be able to do something as impressive as that, but I can certainly try my best. Maybe I can be a background person...or someone who helps to put the show together." Oliver had doubts that he could be an entertaining person. His magic wasn't fancy enough for it nor was he exactly the best at acting. Someday he'd maybe be able to find his calling, but certainly not today.

"You have a point...on both of those things. While I cant force others to be happy, I can certainly try my best to make other people's lives better." Oliver absolutely disagreed with the statement about Caido not being all that bad. Not all that bad? Tons of people died brutal deaths, a god brought them a disease that made people think and do horrible things. That sounded pretty terrible to Oliver, especially when he still partially believed himself to be cursed.

Oliver would rather just sleep in the main room on one of the couches, hating the idea of going back up to his own room. He didn't want to be alone, yet Loren was basically giving him no other options. Warily Oliver nodded and stood up. "I'll get going so you can get some sleep...maybe I can even help you out in the morning, to repay you for doing this for me." He didn't want to return to his room where he'd be lost in his own thoughts. Not a single sound to listen to, not a sign of a single person.
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Loren Launceleyn

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Loren smiled faintly at Oliver before the summoner stared down into his mug. ”It’d be good to talk to them, yes. But I wouldn’t sell yourself short until you’ve actually tried.” His voice came out with a gentle encouragement. On the subject of making people’s lives better, the Launceleyn looked up, eyes a little sad. ”You can try. But sometimes it’s up to them to find their own happiness. And you can’t get upset if your efforts don’t pan out as you expected them to.” There was a little bit of a warning note in his tone, though it was mostly kind.

As the other man stood up, Loren returned his nod. ”Good night, Oliver.” He watched as his fellow Abandoned left the kitchen, before he went around to douse most of the lights and returned to his cot. Astra snuggled against him and for once he fell back into a dreamless sleep.
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