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Rexanna De Rosieres
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Age: 26 | Height: 5'4" | Race: Ascended x Abandoned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 4 Abandoned (Level 3 Ascended) - Strg: 19 - Dext: 14 - Endr: 20 - Luck: 9
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She can hear his voice grow giddy, and it causes a slight hum of amusement to leave her with it the acknowledgement, a dip of her head granted as well. But he teases her back, and Rexanna smirks with a light shrug. “Not sure. Haven’t been since I Ascended. But I don’t see why not.” She offers easily. She didn’t know, the last time she’d been there was when she was still Abandoned and things had worked as they always had.

But of course she’s bragging about herself, she’s gotta have one thing special out of the rest of them. And she tilts her head in a knowing sort of look despite her voice not holding any of those thoughts. “Oh? How dare I.” She admits with mock surprise. “Survived though, didn’t I?” She teases back, before laughing lightly at it. She didn’t particularly care at the end of the day so long as she still functioned.

Her threat wasn’t something she’d follow through on – it wasn’t like Lucas when she had branded the man to tell him to back off, at least. And a light hum of laughter is offered to Amun with a light shrug. “Good.” She takes the tone similarly to a teacher chastising, almost completely with a waggle of her finger to him. But she doesn’t, instead she focuses on his next question.

Samuel and Bastien are taking me to the Voice with them. We’re going to see what she can do for me.” She offers easily with a shrug. “As for the mountains, that’s what’s through the portal. Halo.” She informs him, recalling he had left before they’d all nearly died. Still, she’s intrigued by his own plans, mentioning the Voice had told him to explore and that he might open a pottery studio. At that, her face lights up a bit. “Oooh, pottery? You never struck me as a pottery man.” She teases him lightly, but is genuinely intrigued.
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