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It starts with sleep deprivation
It ends with a double life
Mud on his bed? The thought did not even enter anywhere near Adam's mind. It never had, not when there was a sexy dude he loved liked laying there too. He let Pet's hands roam over his chest and shoulders, easily shrugging off his loose shirt and tossing it away on the floor, where it slid to somewhere across the room.

"Okay, here's the tasting menu." He mumbled, words shaped by the smile on his lips, as he leaned down to kiss Pet hard, biting at his bottom lip then pressing in close, tongue pushing against his mouth. At the same time he let his hand slide down Pet's body, from his chest to his hip, then push into his pants. As soon as he found Pet's cock with his fingers he stroked it, hips rocking in the same rhythm as his drags with his hand.

After a moment his kisses moved from Pet's mouth to his jaw, then his neck: there he sucked and bit a dark mark into Pet's neck, feeling a sudden bolt of possessiveness at the way his lover moaned under him.
Is there a back door in this place?
I'll not be going quietly today.
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Please note Adam has 5 large scars across his neck and chin.

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