iii. Halo
Plot Updates for iii. Halo

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Congratulations on making it to part 3 of our plot!

Though the elemental storms still rage on the borders blocking you from exploring the land on foot, thanks to the Voice and the ascended, the portal system is back online. Or at least, partially so. No where near you in terms of geography, the portal system has now allowed you to reach Halo, an icy and mysterious place of ice and death.

310 PC: Flowerbirth. Portals

Usually a time for rest and regeneration, this Flowerbirth saw very little of both. The opening of the portal into Halo has brought new players onto the political scene, some of whom are all too familiar. Hollowed Grounds has a new Queen (the fourth in as many seasons!). And the Greatwoods have been quiet...

  1. Well. Quiet but for the beginning of the season, when Delah summoned Wessex to account for the murder of the Mathair and its five Fae guards. The meeting of the queens ended with fractured alliances and closed borders, with Delah declaring she would not allow Grounders into the woods until the Wraith stepped down.

  2. The annual post-LongNight construction led to multiple new and improved establishments popping up throughout the Hollowed Grounds. General Deimos built a Military Barracks, new guildmaster Kiada rebuilt the Monster Hunter's Guild, and Sunjata opened the bar VlamVloed.

  3. In {KQ} Through and through, Loren, Wessex, Adam, and Jigano made their way back to the basement of the Spire, where they fought a giant serpent (and each other), culminating in the Voice intervening to place a threat against Jigano and further ascend Wessex into the demigod ranks. The Wraith then followed Adam and Loren through a portal to Halo: a harsh, frozen tundra full of unflinching cold and cutthroat demons under the rule of Neron the Hailstorm.

  4. The religious schism of Caido continued to widen with the opening of the portals. On the one hand, the Voice directed her children - led by Wessex, now a demi-goddess, and Samuel, now a Portal Calibrator - to explore the new world in search of more portals. On the other hand, the Old Gods sent a message to their chosen Portal Guardians - Remi, Phoebe, Jigano, and Amalia - directing them to prevent exactly that.

  5. Exploration of Halo began right away, and in multiple directions. At the behest of the Voice Samuel began to work his way through the continent; Deimos, Kiada, and Amalia searched the Sea of Glass and found an ancient, giant consciousness beneath.

  6. Following the opening of the Portal and her second Ascension Wessex came to the people of the Hollowed Grounds with an option: choose to keep her as their Queen, or elect another ruler. After much deliberation Rexanna the Penumbra was voted in as the new Queen. She swiftly went about soothing political tensions, leading to the Greatwood being opened once again - to all but the Ascended, who the Fae still did not trust after the events of the Blight and the felling of the Mathair.

  7. After a much bemoaned absence, Ianto and his Wishing Wagon made a triumphant return, allowing visitors to barter for mysterious items with equal probability of being treasure or trash.

  8. A genie called to anyone who came to make or give a wish in {DROP} never had a friend like me, resulting in Sunjata gaining the ability to shift into an orca!

  9. The Voice tasked her Ascended children with constructing a shrine for her in Halo. It will take cooperation and hard work on the part of the small (but growing!) Ascended population, but the goddess believes in her children's strength.

  10. {SWE} The Festival of Fiat Lux! began in glory and brightness, with the denizens of the Hollowed Grounds and beyond coming together to celebrate sunlight, springtime, and Frey. There was {Mini Event} Spin the Bottle! hosted by Phoebe, {Mini Event} Capture the Flag led by Oliver, dodgeball ({Mini Event} dodge, dip, duck, dive, dodge) put on by Wessex, {Mini Event} riddle me timbers! (Riddle Contest) by Loren and the Loreseekers Guild, and a combat demonstration ({Mini Event} called to be bold) by Deimos, Loren, and the militia. It all had the makings of a perfect Festival, until...

  11. ...{KQ} boundless: a monster of memory mud came crashing toward the festival! Luckily Phoebe, Loren, Oliver, and Sunjata were quick to notice and respond, but wound up being too little too late. Though Phoebe was able to summon Frey for assistance and Sunjata did significant damage with his new orca shift, it was Loren's ice wall that was the group's triumph... and their undoing. Though the monster was slowed, it did not go down easy, shattering the ice wall before crashing into the festival, wiping out the revelry and leaving mass carnage and destruction. Among the countless deceased were Phoebe's young nephews Cormac, Rhett, and Jax... as well as Aoife, daughter of Remi, who barely escaped with his life, and Ronin, who arrived just in time to witness his daughter's death.

  12. Utterly devastated by Aoife's death and Remi's perceived death, Ronin took his wrath to the gods, adopting the moniker of the Dark Star. Enraged by his mourning, the Dark Star attacked the Temple in Sanctuary, intent on bringing it crashing to the ground. Though Amalia, Samuel, Amun, Jigano, and Wessex did all they could to stop him, in the end his wrath was too much for the ancient building to withstand. The five interlopers were able to escape before the building collapsed - some thanks to divine intervention - but the last one out, Amalia, got caught in the rubble, resulting in severe injury and lower body paralysis.

  13. As for Ronin? Well... after cursing Safrin he and Remi disappeared simultaneously. Only the goddess knows where they've gone.


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