an investigation on ruins

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how beautiful the leaves grow old

"If most people don' like bein' called caterpillars an' you don' like bein' called a caterpillar, that makes you seem less like oneuvakind." It isn't that you're particularly angry or obstinate - indeed you match his grin with a vibrant one of her own - just that he's making some logical fallacies and while you can accept those far more easily than your sister, it's hard to let it go when he won't. Especially when he's dragged caterpillars and their many virtues into it doubt.

His reaction to the questions about his Ascended nature is somewhat unexpected but not unfair. Glancing at Oia you shrug good-naturedly, plopping yourself down easily on a piece of nearby rubble and looking up at the Ascended Looker. "We're Oia'i'o an' Kaimana. We wanna get knowledge. An' you should answer 'em 'cus we asked."

Yup. That seems perfectly reasonable to you.

how full of light and color are their last days

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& so it goes
Kai pulls at the thread you were just about to, leaving you nodding emphatically at his side. By definition the ascended were not unique, given they were created along the same template—issues of caterpillars and the appropriateness of their comparisons in conversations aside—Amun seems almost like everyone else. The same layout of physical features, the same unwillingness to answer questions.

You appreciate your twin taking the lead in answering Amun's questions, especially because he is likely to get farther with this strange man than you are. Pointedly you hold up your notebook to indicate that now that you've answered his questions, it's his turn to answer yours.

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