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Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
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JYOTI - Mythical - Starwhale (Humpback)
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I took the stars from our eyes and I made a map
I knew that somehow I could find my way back
Together they make their way through the snow, huddled and shivering against the cold. Amalia chooses her leopard shift, sorry for the silence it creates between herself and Phoebe but grateful for its comfort in the harshness of this place. Never before has she seen a land to apt, so fitting for her first new skin; it is strange, then, how uneasy it makes her, given how right the leopard feels.

Or perhaps that uneasiness comes with their task. Amalia cannot say she is enthused to be taking these next steps, especially knowing who it is they are likely to meet as they arrive. The Lauceleyns, a chapter she thought behind her- what likelihood could there possibly be, that they should listen to reason? That they should care for the cause presented, to guard the rest of the world from decay? She cannot imagine a world in which Zariah is sympathetic. A world in which the battle they have been tasked with becomes easier, by this fight. She cannot imagine anything she would like to do less than stand before the woman again and try to hold her temper.

Except, of course, for letting down her gods.

Amalia shifts back to her human form as they come before the walls, pulling shield and staff from her bracer, her expression fixed and stern. Behind it, though, anxiety rests, enough that Remi and Jigano will be able to find it easily should they look. Upon her shoulder Jyoti coos soothingly, starlight circling around the pair as they gaze up at the castle. She has gotten them here, but now that they are so close, girl finds herself frozen, glancing uneasily between her companions.

She does not know how it is one calls for royalty to appear.
Then I heard your heart beating,
you were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you
Jigano Silversmith
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Some chose fur while others chose scales to brave the frigid cold of Halo's bitter climate. It had taken Remi and Amalia both to coax Jigano through the portal, the bard's courage sorely taxed from his last encounter in that room, but once through he had shaken off his human form and stretched feather-scaled wings as he leapt into the snowy sky, feeling cold air cut across his skin like a caress. The silver dragons of his homeworld were mountain-dwellers as well with an affinity for cold, often in conflict with the white and red dragons who vied for similar lairs, but he had a home already and felt nothing more than an odd sense of comfort in his new form as he rose up to find the marked path, then returned to the ground to walk beside Amalia and Remi, gleaming silver against the snow and marred only by the large bag he carried in his jaws, filled with the gifts Ingrid had warned him to bring.

Isuma rode Amalia's shoulders, her snow leopard-and-snowy owl fur and feathers fluffed out for maximum warmth as she snuggled into her big sister's ruff while they trekked to the Citadel. Upon reaching it Jigano set his bag down and coiled up behind Amalia, resting his large head beside her on the snow and crooning softly in support as he tilted it to brush his cheek against her. Courage, he murmured through the Attuned bond to her and Remi both before he shifted back to his human form and raised his orator trained voice to cut clear through the wind and weather.

"Hello the Citadel! Travelers from the Hollowed Ground seek entrance, and an audience with Neron Launceleyn!"
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Phoebe Steadman
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Unlike the others, Phoebe had no fur or scales upon which to rely in this situation. Instead, she was bundled in furlined garb, heavy boots, and so on to keep the chill at bay. Even so, the cold of Halo was breathtaking - and not in a good way. But thankfully, she was able to arrive on the back of ManticoRemi, the fur of his mane keeping what little of her exposed face from freezing off in flight. Even Pim wore a fur-lined sweater of sorts to keep some of the chill at bay from his scales.

The dragonling roared as fiercely as he could upon landing, still displeased with the cold. He wanted in now. Phoebe shushed him quietly through her scarf as she carefully slid off MantiocRemi's back. Hopefully the Warden would greet them quickly.
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