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"In a way there would be tasks to do anyway if we were not Ascended, though normally they might be more entertaining than these are likely to be." Bastien laughed, leaning down to kiss Rexanna's cheek - it was too hard to resist, when she was looking up at him so close.

She was silent for a moment as she considered and he tried his best to not think on it. If he spent too long remembering what she had told him about her past pregnancies he would become irrationally angry at someone he had no way to punish. The best way to solve the heat in his chest about her treatment was to give Rexanna everything he could now, he knew - he stroked her arm softly, waiting for her response.

"Then we will ask her. Either way, it would be our child." The words still felt a little strange, like a fantasy he was finally giving voice to; he felt fear in his heart as well, though he suspected that was likely normal. "...Do you have any ideas for what would make a good name? I'm afraid if it's up to me it will be the name of one of my cherished painters from Venice, which may prove difficult to pronounce for some here."
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At Bastien’s laugh, a chimed one of her own joins his. She leans into his kiss gently, holding him gently to her as she looks up at him through unseeing eyes. “Far more entertaining, I think.” She agrees with a brighter smile before she considers it deeply, weighing the pros and the cons of what it could be like. She eventually she agrees, listening for his commentary, what he has to say to her acceptance, the excitement of the possibilities of a life and family.

It would. And how wonderful that would be.” She admits, smile ending softly along her face, until he asks for names. “What is the name you’re thinking of?” She asks in a small amount of amusement. She’d likely pick something Latin, something like her own name based off of habit. How she had named the first child that she’d bore Tiberias, without anyone else to help her decide on it. But this was almost more exciting, figuring out that she can bounce names off of him for input, they can come to the decision together.
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