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Amun Arlun

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Amun grinned as Amalia offered Lily some music to play with. Then they all gathered together again and the potter’s eyes tracked who split off to do what. As the baker listed their tasks, his grin turned into a smirk. Unfortunately, the Sage beat the Ascended to the punch. ”I’ll make some banners, kitty.” Winking at Amalia, Amun went to go gather the necessary materials before retreating to a shady corner.

Although he didn't know exactly what they were looking for, he knew Fiat Lux was about sex and good times. So the Ascended began to paint some suggestive and downright saucy images on the banners. And if the people of the Hollowed Grounds were too prudish to enjoy them, well, that was their problem.

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Kiada Njovu-Reyes
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the harpy
It seems like a majority of them have their work cut out for them in painting, writing songs, making the banners and the like. And so the Harpy joins Loren and Deimos in placing them, figuring that her shifts might help in hooking the banners on higher levels, able to grab with talons and place – or whatever else they may need when it comes to placing them. It’s coming together beautifully, though, and Kiada shifts into her vulture form not long after Deimos does. She joins him in grabbing and placing, tying them down until they’re done, over and over again until it all comes together.

Kiada helps put up the decorations. (SOZ FOR THE GARBO POST)
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Lily Balfour

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Lord, what fools these mortals be!
All of a sudden Amalia is at her elbow, quietly asking for help with songs and Lily just freakin’ begins to beam at the request. Like the thirsty at a desert oasis, she drinks in the proffered songs, scanning the notes and the words with a childish delight. “Of course, she replies enthusiastically. “I was hoping to play anyway. Mind if I take these home? I promise I’ll bring them back.” Tentatively imagining the tunes, Lily steps aside and situates herself in the corner, spreading the sheets out in front of her.

A couple of minutes pass before she jumps up again and heads back to Amalia, where she’s now with Deimos. “Do you have any thin, long pieces of wood left? I was thinking I could write out the lyrics to some of the more up-tempo songs and then everyone can sing along.” But they need something a little sturdier than cloth for that. A old-fashioned cue-card, really.

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Oliver may be short, but no way is he going to do some decorations. Yeah, he absolutely loves painting and creating things, but he lacks the confidence to actually do that. The festival seemed far too serious and sacred for him to mess with it. So instead, he would focus his efforts on helping to hang up some of the decorations.

Once one or two had been complete, Oliver picked up what had been created and moved to set them up. He followed along the orders and tried his best to mimic what the others had been doing. Too bad he couldn't fly or that he wasn't some super tall dude with really long arms. It made decorating quite a bit hard, but Oliver was able to manage well on his own. The decorations looked beautiful and the festival seemed to be going super well. Time would only tell whether or not he had been truly helpful with setting everything up.
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Deimos Ignatius
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They all set to work once more, delivering on their predilections and promises, proffering the world with ambient, festival light. Honorable and forthright in their alterations, from decorating, to painting, to assembling songs, each had a hand in creating and orchestrating a fine masterpiece, a celebration of rebirth and renewal. The banners were strung and the décor embellished, and before long they’d all taken on tasks that would’ve been monumental for one or two individuals.

When the Sword had finished with his own placing of ornamental designs, he shifted back to the assembly, complying with Lily’s approach on thinner pieces of wood – the timber embellished in his hands, then passed over with a light smile - before arching his brow at Amalia, waiting for everything else to finish up. Wheel of Fire? he notioned and asked, grabbing hold of a longer table, waiting for another to snag the other side, so they could lift it towards the portioned entryway of the festival grounds, where everyone would have the opportunity to continue the arc of flames; a designated area of honor and diligence. The beast created a horde of candles for the tradition, placing them down on the wooden area, and then the wheel itself, waiting for Amalia to instigate the final touches.

Finally, his glance unfolded to the others, a sensation of pride and satisfaction along his being, gratified and grateful for their support. “Thank you everyone. A job well done,” and then he maneuvered out of the way, so they could glance at, truly embrace, all their work and the support, the ambience, and the resurgence of life behind it. The heathen breathed, at a loss for words, inclining towards Amalia, presuming she’d be able to orchestrate and convey it far better than he. He made an attempt though, the same small smile on his lips. “I hope everyone has a wonderful festival. Enjoy yourselves.”


You’ve done it! Feel free to wrap it up or poof! Thank you to everyone who participated for all your hard work! Enjoy Fiat Lux!
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