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Sunjata Senzaok

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the flood
Her of course is granted a snort of a response, the briefest of smirks and giving into her own whims before he snorts. “Good, I’m going to need it.” He assures her, a half crooked smirk before he shakes his head and looks back to the wall, suggesting that they traverse to the Bone Bridge to let off the rest of their steam. They’d been successful today, accomplishing something they’d talked about at the beginning of the season, before the bar had even been fully accomplished and created.

Her acceptance and her whirlwind as she gathers her things causes him to stand from the stool, stretching briefly before he nods to her. “Let me get my coat.” He steps away from the wall then, back behind the bar to a small closet as he pulls out a dark fur coat and slips it on, whistling for Haai to join them. And with that, he gives her a nod and a brighter smile, the shadows cast away for another day.

Moving to the door, he opens it for her and the two of them make their way through the streets to the Bone Bridge, to howl and screech at the moon under the guise of frustration and steam, and he finds when it’s over he’s far lighter than he has been in weeks.
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