Oh, the weather outside is frightful
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Spoken like a true Loreseeker, Jigano sent back, lightly teasing but mostly with approval. Loren really was a natural fit for the Guild, especially now that they'd put their rocky start behind them.

Silence followed Loren's question, then a wash of embarrassment through the bond. The dragon cleared its throat - not a delicate noise, though the sound of the wind and the keening song of it through the caves behind them might have covered it. Ahh... I'm ashamed to say that I'd forgotten, he admitted sheepishly. That sounds like a fair trade, indeed! And there was a little extra warmth at the thought of being able to share his mother's teaching with a friend, passing it along to another in this new world so that some aspect of her legacy would live on even if something should happen to him.

The wind stopped for a few moments, the snow drifting down, and a dark shape reared up on the horizon, closer than Jigano had realized. It is! He snorted then looked down at the honeybadger with a gleam in a large opal eye. Let's go! Galvanized by the sight of their goal ahead, the pair picked up the pace, crossing the snowy distance with renewed energy to find a place to rest out of the cold.


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