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Deimos Ignatius
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Lily Hunting

I will be leading a group into Frey’s Breath to hunt for the lilies necessary to help alleviate the ongoing sickness. If you are interested in participating, please meet me at the Tundra. Vials will be provided to bring back water from the springs.

- Deimos Ignatius, General of Halo


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Posted is a handdrawn picture of a Lily. Below it is scrawled out:


Please help! Located within Frey's Breath are these Lilies! Find them and bring them to the archway behind the waterfall! They are crucial to defeating this illness!

If you do so: come see me in my Blacksmith Shop in the Hollowed Grounds and I will make you three of anything you want.


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Juniper Dubois

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A request from the Fae:

The Fae seek the blood or hair of an Accepted and an Ascended to fulfill a request from Safrin.

Any individuals interested in providing such should contact Juniper Dubois. Compensation can be provided at your request.

Juniper Dubois

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Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood
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Wedding Reception

Nate and I will be hosting an actual wedding reception in the coming days on the beach, at dusk. All are welcome to attend, as it's open invitation. Food and drink will be provided, but feel free to bring your own should you wish to. There will be bonfires, music, and alcohol.

We hope to see you there.

- Sunjata & Nate Wrenzaok

The thread: {Mini Event} I keep on falling back into you ;D All are welcome to come and bring whatever you'd like!
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