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Admin Adoptables
Below are admin-created adoptables. In the thread below you will find adoptables created by our members as well as 'searching-for' type options as well!

Torchline Adoptables

Halo Adoptables

Greatwood Adoptables

Ugly Addition: Stormbreak Dragoons!

At present you can adopt a Stormbreak Dragoon! Your character starts at Level 3 and comes with a free dragon companion. The caveat is that you must remain a dragoon for at least one IC year (the point of these adoptables is to contribute to Stormbreak etc. etc.) If you decide to leave the organisation before this, you will need to pay the MP cost of your dragon companion!

Speak to Honey/Odd in your admin chat if you are interested.
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Jiao is up for adoption!

{Image: tenor.gif}

Level: 3
Race: Fae
Abilities: Base Disintegration, Hummingbird Shift
Items: Dagger Ring
FC: Fan BingBing
Situated in: Torchline
Occupation: Quartermaster for the Ark. Used to be a Seamstress and has a lot of clothes making experience.
Personality: Jiao is by nature a light-hearted person, though she can be quick to judge - especially if the person before her is unfashionable or even worse, serious. She loves to have fun and gets annoyed at anyone less eager to drop all their responsibilities and go dancing. She is keen to try most things and loves new experiences and despite her appearance, she loves to get her hands dirty.

While she is very sunny, Jiao does not seem to have any close friends or family. She is not comfortable letting people get too close, in case they see she is not always able to keep up her fun exterior. Feeling a need to be perfectly entertaining for the rest of the world she hides her dark moments desperately.

She loves material things, anything shiny or bearing a beautiful pattern especially. Her home is a wonderful museum of clutter and trinkets, golden jewellery boxes holding gems and fine chains, fabrics hanging from the ceiling...Jiao revels in the beauty of stuff.

You can take this character wherever you'd like once you have her: I'm not super attached to her, so I don't mind what happens to her! Go Wild! PM me here or on discord for details!!

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