The Raven's Tale [SE]
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Jigano grinned at hearing the raven's interest, tilting his head in wry acknowledgment of the kinds of groups Rance was used to. "I don't think you'll find us more organized than the ravens," he admitted with a chuckle. "Occasionally we pull together to do something for the guild as a whole, but most of the time each Seeker goes their own way, pursuing the topics most of interest to them. The guild serves mostly to collect that gathered knowledge in one central repository, and, as I said, to assist each other when we need a little more help than one person can manage on their own." He liked to help his guildmates out and stay in touch with each, but getting everyone together was like herding cats - or corvids!

A chuckle was the bard's response to Rance's understated admiration of his magic, that and a conspiratorial wink. "It comes in handy," he agreed easily.

"An excellent plan. Here's a base--," he slid one over. "And the square wooden sticks for the frame are there. As long as they're all the same height, that's what matters most," he explained. "Ah, the gluepot, too, since I'm done with it." He slowed down to take his time and show Rance how to insert the framing sticks and secure them before sliding over the various sheets of thin paper. "If you want to paint or glue different layers of paper on a side to create a scene or design, now's the time to do it," he suggested with a small, wry smile, his humor subdued by their solemn task. "Once we glue the side squares to the lantern frame they'll just tear if you put any pressure on them." He left the choice of colors and decoration entirely up to the raven while he considered his own design, reaching for blacks and reds and a pot of silver paint to draw stylized scales across the black.
Unless otherwise noted, Jigano always wears a pair of black and silver bracers with a star design inset on each (Eclipse Bracers), and carries the lantern SoulKeeper at his belt.

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