(SE) twist the knife, break my heart, put it back
Sunjata Senzaok

Age: 27 | Height: 6'5 | Race: Attuned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 6 - Strg: 20 - Dext: 16 - Endr: 22 - Luck: 24
HAAI - Mythical - Griffin (Fire breath)
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the flood
'cause we might as well be blind,
if seeing is believing, this parable's misleading
It isn’t a swift process – it’s a shitty one that distracts him from everything else it seems like. But he’s trying – trying to make strides with it only to find out he’s not quite there yet before plunging head first into the water like a newborn child trying to swim. An internal drowning of memories and everything else involved with them.

He gets what she’s trying to say though, and as his lantern takes shape he offers her a small smile in response after hearing her out. “Thank you Hotaru.” He rumbles to her, accent perhaps a bit thicker for that – though whether its due to the emotion lingering within his throat and mind that threatens to spill over, or that he doesn’t care to try and hide it, adapt it any further, is up for debate. “I always knew you were a great voice of reason.” He murmurs to her, glancing to her from above the top of the lantern, a small knowing nod granted to Hotaru for that.

Regardless, he inspects the lantern before sitting back with some hint of pride to the panes of his face. “Mm, well, I think my lantern is finished. How’s yours?” He asks, tilting his head toward Hotaru and the lantern she’s created.
you've got your shotgun loaded with excuses
— that you'll fire in vain —
but those 12 rounds just won't do
No permission needed for power play!
Feel free to use magic/force on Sunjata, without killing him <3

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