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Wessex Theskyra
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At least her hard work paid off. Putting the empty buckets and cleaning things aside, Wessex stands and surveys her work, satisfied - and soon finds that Weaver is satisfied with it as well. Well then. All is well in the world. Looking around, she sees that the bar has definitely come together, except for once last piece, which their attention is soon directed towards.

“Let me try” she volunteers, stepping forward and eyeing the piece of wood as it leans against the wall. Squatting down to get her fingers under the edges, she lifts with her legs, using the wall to steady it until she’s full standing, then a nudge hopefully sends it back against her chest. Holding low, she carries it to its place, where she squats down yet again, to get the far edge in line. Pushing up, it should hopefully slide onto its mount, though the proper positioning is yet to be determined. She remains to push in tiny increments one way or the other, according to Weaver’s direction.

Wessex brings the slab of wood to its mount and remains for minor adjustments as needed.
Hotaru Kaito
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Well that all came together a lot faster than she had anticipated. Not that the woman is going to complain of course, especially since she seems to have luckily avoided any disasters on her part. It all looks quite beautiful as it pulls together into a completely new, functional area. Already she can see herself visiting this bar during her Halo trips.

The last piece is of course the hardest, requiring a certain level of teamwork, but Wessex and Sunjata tackle it with a swift ferocity that leaves Hotaru scrambling to be of any use. Considering how it's already swept up and upon the frame within moments, she instead stands on the opposite side as Weaver, hands lightly placed upon the top to help with minor adjustments.

Hotaru is a useless twig helps to make sure the table is angled well on both sides.
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Weaver Hale

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She’s never actually seen Sunjata shift all the way. She’s seen pieces of him shift, of course, but this is definitely a new look for him. And honestly, between him and Wessex, there’s not much to do. Hotaru helps to make minor adjustments, and when it looks good, Weaver grabs some brackets and tools and ducks under the bar to secure it in place without ruining the top.

When they are done, she puts the tools down and turns back to the group. ”Well, that was easier than I expected,” she says with a chuckle and a nod in their direction. It’s her way of saying thanks. That, and also booze. ”If you want to hang around for a drink, you are more than welcome.” Weaver makes her way behind the bar, and if anyone asks for something, she’ll pour it for them. Her gaze turns to Wessex with an apologetic shrug. ”Sorry Wessex. Can’t say I’ve got much for you...well, except me.” She winks slightly, her tone playful. She is not actually booze, though it was entirely possible too many years of drinking had watered down her blood with it. Okay, not really possible, but you get the point.

Yay, the Kraai is done! Thanks to everyone for their help. You are welcome to hang out and get a drink (you can assume Weaver pours whatever you want) or head on out. Once this thread is quiet for like a week(ish), I’ll finish it up and archive it.


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Sunjata Senzaok

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It’s actually relatively easy to get the board in place, with the help of Wessex and Hotaru. And when it’s done, he shifts back into himself, patting down the shirt he wears to readjust and fix it before leaning against the bar counter to watch as Weaver announces they can stick around for a drink. A chuckle leaves him at the mention of her being Wessex’s own drink, before he’s reaching for one of his favorite drinks. “We’ll spread the word to the rest of the members once we see them again.” A small nod granted.

He grabs a few glasses and pours a few shots for those who wants them – one specifically for Weaver, as the host – and toasts to them and the job well done.
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