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the resurrected sword
Customs and traditions throughout Caido had seemed to hold a wealth of familiarity, and comfort, until suddenly they didn’t. Amusements and enthusiasm had run rampant for Fiat Lux, until disaster struck. Perhaps they could come up with their own follies, sojourns, and events, without the notion of ruin bearing down upon them. Make a newfound line, integral to established connotations, with different avenues to explore. It was worth trying; regardless of the size of the gathered party. “Maybe,” a light chuckle to follow. “Without a cause for concern.” Melees, skirmishes, bloodshed, and destruction – honoring those who had passed, granting something more than just one individual chosen during the Festival of Lights. They wouldn’t see their ghosts or friends here, but the impact might still maintain the same weight.

Then their conversation seemed to cease and flow to an end; the dragon lifting, swimming, and beginning to drift away. “Happy flying,” he delivered in return – a gesture of a hand rising from the sea, his piercing eyes glancing over to see Zuriel still contentedly munching on her chosen leaves, the world not so stark, cold, and ambiguous. He’d take the time now to relax into the repose, into the sun, before they returned home, plans slinking and rampaging through a Machiavellian mind.

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