Key Quest and the earth screamed

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Finally, some luck. It seems as though both groups are coming out on the tail end of things. Sunjata is able to free himself and, together with Nate, is able to orca the iceberg out into the shallows where it can be directed towards Kaiholo Port, away from the immediate eruption. Yes, the ash will be thick and it will spread, but they will at least be in a position to get any magic users around to clear the air.

Saiden meanwhile is successful in his attempts to wet further buildings and lift some of the toxicity from around Haulani where he walks. It isn't much, but it will help. As well as this Jigano and Remi are further able to reinforce the Haulani infrastructure. By some miracle, it may just hold throughout this chaos.

But they are flagging, all of them. All there is to do now is leave and get safe.

No explanation needed - finish this!

Haulani infrastructure: 85% {SAFE}
Haulani air quality: 45%
Beach air quality: 60%

Whilst those who selected Option 2 will be able to divide their efforts between the town and the beach, those who selected Option 1 will not be able to return to town to aid their friends (or the infrastructure).

Post Order & HP:

Option 2 Saiden - 73
Option 1 Nate - 42
Option 2 Jigano - 311
Option 2 Remi - 292
Option 1 Sunjata - 120
Saiden Hali

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Although Saiden wasn't exactly sure what was happening with his magic, he also wasn't exactly one to question his good fortune. So, as it grew easier to breathe, around him at least, he simply grinned, quite satisfied with his new power even if he wasn't entirely sure the danger had passed yet.

Turning, he dashed down a side street so that he could take another route down to the beach. Though he'd used up all his water, there was always air. So he continued to project his new air magic, doing what he could to clear the air around him as he headed back down to the ocean.

Saiden takes a different route back down to the beach, clearing the air around him as he goes.

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Nate Wren

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somehow, it seems luck is on their side, and what started as a stupid, desperate idea works. The iceberg is a little tricky to manoeuvre, but it moves easily enough, drifting out towards the port, where there’s more boats and more options for people to flee, or stand their ground.

Nate shifts out of the orca form once they’ve reached relative safety, and clambers up onto dry land, moving immediately to help others off the ice and to direct people once again. He calls for any magic users that could help with the encroaching ash, to buy the whole crowd more time to get organized properly. If push comes to shove, again, he’s not unwilling to just take some abandoned magic either, though he’d rather avoid it.

Nate pushes the iceberg until it reaches the port, then resumes trying to keep people organized and calm
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Jigano Silversmith
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Considering the amount of danger and sheer power of the volcano at their backs, Jigano was sending collective and individual prayers to the Old Gods as he made his way to the beach to see an iceberg raft floating away in the distance, propelled by Sunjata and... Sunjata? Ash was making it hard to see well, so he shrugged it off and turned his attention to Healing any of those injured in the crush before helping to hustle them along the beach the old fashioned way. Hopefully he would meet up with Saiden , and they could shelter beneath the sailor's strengthened air magic as they got the stragglers to safety.

He gave Remi a tired grin when they met up again, managing a weak wave of relief. Pleasure working with you, Remi. Drinks at the Port when we've had a good fourteen hours sleep? I'll provide the snacks if you've got the liquor. Because gods most fortunate they deserved a little celebration before they started the hard work of cleaning the town back up after the ash had settled and the lava had cooled.

Jigano hits the beach and Heals any injured stragglers before trying to meet up with Saiden and Remi to truck towards Kaiholo on foot - hopefully with Saiden clearing the air while they walk.
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Remi Taliesin
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Fourteen? Try about 3 days. The alchemist chuckled back.

Using mastered water, Remi wet the area around him to keep the dust and sand down, so that those with air magic wouldn't add additional debris to the air. Without air magic of his own, Remi was forced to simply us telekinesis to bat away the debris that he could reach for.

If there are any stragglers, the alchemist will hurry them on. If it's needed when they reach Kaiholo, Remi will create a sandbar so that there's more real estate for the stragglers to remain safely on.

Remi adds water to the ground as well to keep dust/debris from lifting into the air, and tries to remove the ash with telekinesis as they go. If it's needed when they reach the port, he'll add a sandbar for the stragglers to safely stand on.
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Sunjata Senzaok

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He manages to break free of the people that had fallen, and eventually him and Nate are pushing the platform toward the Port and away from the rest of the destruction. They work well together, Sunjata realizes, with how awkward of a barge it is to manage — but between the blubber of this form and the strength he has within it to nudge things along, they manage to get there.

But gods he’s tired.

He pulls himself out of the water to help Nate pull along those on the iceberg to try and keep the platform from sinking now, trying to spread it all evenly. At the same time he tries to follow Nate as well in his instruction, to clear the air if they can.

Once they reach the Port, Sunjata tries to even out the weight between people on it to keep it from sinking, trying to keep people calm and see if anyone can clear the air with magic.
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They swim, they march, they rescue and recover. And all the while the volcano rages behind them, belching ash and pouring magma into the holes punched in the earth by Remi and Jigano. Those at Kaiholo are already out and prepared - air mages clear the ashes and rowboats make their way out to get some of the most vulnerable townspeople from the floating ice block.

With the additional construction of the sand bar from Remi and Sunjata's efforts to balance the ice platform, there are no casualties along the way.

It is for all intents and purposes, a miracle. And by the cheers ringing out from those at the port and those from Haulani, all are well aware that the five men who came to their aid are responsible for their survival. And for the survival of Torchline's largest city.

You have successfully completed the KQ! WOW! The following consequences arise from your actions:

- Haulani is intact and minimal structural damage was caused by the volcano. (This was in MAJOR part due to Jigano's quick thinking and was completely unexpected from an admin perspective. Cira was awarded 50MP for this stroke of genius). A PQ+ will be posted soon to clean up the town.

- All of the townspeople made it out of Haulani alive! Nate, Sunjata, Remi, Jigano and Saiden are all now recognisable figures in Haulani and will be treated well by merchants and townspeople in general.

- Rae's Fingers has been flooded with lava. A PQ+ has been posted to re-explore the tunnels:

And now for the important part: THE GOVERNOR IS DEAD. This leaves a power vacuum within Torchline.

All participants of this KQ will have FIRST REFUSAL of a chance to become the new Governor of Torchline. Should nobody volunteer, this will open to the wider forum. Should only one person volunteer, they will get priority to fulfil requirements. Should more than one person volunteer, we will proceed to the next stage. Please contact the admins in your group chats if you would like to apply!

(Please note, to apply we will also be taking into consideration whether your character actually resides in Torchline, whether they have had any threads with Torchline naturals, etc. etc.)

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