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"It would." Morgan agreed, glad that it sounded like Mallorie was sensible enough to take on her offer.

Hearing the woman had been a guard definitely drew some interest from her, Morgan looking back momentarily as if to make some kind of judgement from Mallorie's face. " are looking for work, when you have settled into the city, come and see me in the Palace barracks. I am always willing to train new guards to protect the Citadel." Of course, there would be a test of ability, but so far Mallorie had made a decent first impression.

"You may not be a competent cook with the ingredients available here. I recommend you depend on the food provided at the inn for now." Morgan had heard of a few Outlanders thinking their cooking skills would transfer, only to find nothing here tasted quite like how they thought it would.

With some loose plans and provisions made for the woman, by the time Morgan dropped her off at the inn and retrieved her cloak, she felt like she had done what she could; from this point on it was Mallorie's decision how she went about her life in Caido. As she rode away, Morgan found herself hoping she might do well, though she knew that was often not the case for the new arrivals.
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