it's not like we're friends
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"Excuse me, I thought that was quite the appropriate use of magic," Ronin countered, a flash of the old mischief in his smile. Besides, it had been his wedding night, so what he said went. (At least when it came to the appropriateness of a bunch of dicks sparkling in the sky). "But that's a good point. I'll keep using my power to keep my drinks topped up, in that case, and I won't even feel bad about it."

If only this had been the single subject of conversation, Ronin might have pretended it was just a catch up with an old acquaintance (because friend seemed a little far right now). Giving a swift nod at Wessex's agreement about fighting the Longnight monsters, the Star turned his attention instead on the matter of dealing with them this year. "They don't, do they," he said through a sigh, knocking his own drink back as well. "Well, I look forward to seeing you, hopefully in between the times when things go tits up for me." He laughed. "I stopped being a sucker for heroics a while back, but they keep finding me."
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Whatever their relationship and this conversation was, it seemed like a step in the right direction and the Wraith is content to let it be the ‘success’ that it is. “Until then.” Placing some money down for the drink, she slides out of her seat and offers the Darkstar a crooked half-smile. “I suspect you may never truly escape them.” At least not here, not with demi-god powers and a Goddess as a patron. “Enjoy the rest of your night.” Drinking or not - whatever he may choose to do after she departs.

Giving him a little salute, Wessex turns to leave. No need to bring up his new kid (now, or ever, maybe), though she was sure the Voice would be interested to hear about that little tidbit soon enough. She isn’t the only one busy creating.


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