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Remi Taliesin
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Shifting into his own body as well, Remi leans back on his heels giving the Arbiter a wildly boyish smirk. 'Am I to understand from this that you're better at nailing things than I am?" He raises a brow, knowing that in most contexts, it is probably true. Still, he can't help but make the joke.

"Or maybe you just need the practice..?" Yeah. That's a better way of framing it to be sure.

Using his telekinesis rather than his fingers to arrange the shingles so that his weight wouldn't place undue tension on the roof, Remi indeed did as Sunjata said. Was it his magic that occasionally made some of the nails wiggle so that the Flood's hammer missed? Who could say.
Zephyr Kawaianu

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Second time's a charm, it seems. The wall doesn't seem keen on collapsing anymore - a fucking mercy - and the trick rocks fit into their places neatly, despite being a bit smaller than you'd like. Still big enough for notes - or Ki - to be passed through at least, maybe some supplies as well.

Now, the door.

Under the pretense of reinforcement you begin to investigate the door. The hinges are okay, but the wood itself is less than sturdy, which... honestly, doesn't bother you that much. But it wouldn't do to tip your hand this early, so you set about reinforcing the less-secure beams with sturdy young planks. And if, again, you leave just a couple that might be easily pried away... well, you're not a carpenter, so who can blame you, really?
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Sunjata Senzaok
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Perhaps Ronin’s frustration was a good sign. The shovel pulls out of the concrete easily, and despite the light reflected from the flickering of stars that radiate from him, it’s easy for the hunter to mix new concrete and apply it. Working with the hammer, the pieces break apart into smaller bits that are easily added into the patch, smoothly ran over with the concrete mixture, reinforced. Now all that’s left is the door.

Apparently now it’s the Remi Sunjata duo that seems to struggle. His steel gaze lifts toward Remi with a small rogue smirk at the comment, before a barking laugh leaves him with the second. “Depends on who has more practice, don’t ya think?” He teases, flashing Remi a wink before he’s focusing on the shingles and the nails, tucking them up underneath when Remi has them ready in order. It goes by smoothly at first, until they’re about halfway done with the roof and the wiggling of the nails seems to grow a bit more intense – Sunjata misses with the hammer and it comes crashing down onto his thumb. “Ah, fok.” He curses under his breath, inspecting his thumb. Perhaps Remi is too focused on the task of wiggling the nails, for when he goes to grab another shingle to tuck underneath, the rest of the pile goes tumbling down the side of the roof.

Zeph in his attempt to make the reinforcements necessary, manages to reinforce the beams that need to be replaced – half eaten by rot and the heat of the ash from the explosion previously. This goes smoothly, as does one of the little pry away planks – hopefully Sunjata won’t notice when the inspection comes, hm?

Last round! You guys rock <3
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Ronin Taliesin
the Dark Star
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Feeling quietly victorious about the walls, Ronin headed back inside to check out the door he had to work with. Just the same as Zephyr, it looked like the hinges were fine, but the wood could use some love and care.

So, grabbing a hammer, some nails and a few planks of fresh wood from the supplies outside, the Star worked on patching up the entrance to the holding cell. He even cut a small slat towards the top of the door, so that one could look in and check on the prisoners without having to open it all up.

Ronin reinforces the door, leaving a small letterbox opening near the top to spy through.

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