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"I'll apologise for what I like," Vai said, her smile a little wobbly, and even as Remi said his goodbyes she didn't let him go either, not quite yet. Smoothing his curls back out of his face, she searched his expression for... something, she didn't know what. Whatever it was, though, it was enough for her to finally step away.

"I will see you tomorrow. I'll bring breakfast," she told him, releasing another deep sigh and gazing out across the coastline and the jungle that hugged it. "Go," she said, smiling. "Your husband will be missing you."
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That Ronin might be missing him seemed hardly a reason to leave Vai. With all life had thrown at him, Remi knew more than most how precious a mere moment could be. That Vai might never return for some reason or another wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Luckily, most of the aggressive creatures in Torchline lived in the waters. That, and witch and healer though Vai might be, Remi doubted if she'd ever stop being a skilled huntress.

"If I thought arguing with you would do any good, I would." Remi grumbled affectionately, but nodded. "Breakfast, then. Not unlike Ronin, Seren isn't picky."{/ay} He added with a grin and one last hug, before pulling in a breath that spoke volumes as to how much he wanted to stay.

"Until breakfast." Remi added, before turning and disappearing back towards his home.

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