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Giving Neron a pointed look, Loren held up his hand. Claws appeared at the tips of his fingers as fur rippled down his arm. "Didn't I?" Lowering his hand, he shifted it back to normal. "That's all any of us can do." The words came out softly, and he gave his brother a faint smile.

Then the healer's expression grew chagrined. "People keep telling me that." There was something annoyed about his tone, but in a good natured way.

Standing up, he walked over and placed his hand on Neron's shoulder. "I will see you soon." It was a promise, and Loren squeezed his brother's shoulder. Then the healer let go and made his way slowly towards the door.
But don’t be weary if it’s broken
Families are like that—
they’re split up and always torn.
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"Mm, I suppose that is true," Neron said as he watched the claws peek from Loren's fingertips. The ex-Warden sighed, nodding to his brother and placing a hand over his brother's as he came to clap him on the shoulder.

"You will," he agreed, though neither of them could truly predict what that next meeting would entail, or just how it would pan out from here. Things changed, people died, and they would always be alone, if not for each other. Probably.

Neron is always cold to the touch.

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