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Perch building ME
Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Hand of the Queen / Baker
Portal Guardian
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Another year, another perch.

Their request for aid fallen on deaf ears, it falls to moral interventions to coax the SparkBird into their midst once again. And though she is far from a carpenter Amalia is at least adept at organization, and has spent her life in the shadow of this perch.

Besides, she's in the government now. Time to start pulling her weight.

This year her plan is different than usual. She's been thinking about flammability, the Bird's ability to ignite all it touches. With that knowledge, making a perch of wood seems like rather a poor plan; this time, she thinks, they will have to try something new, which she has discussed with Deimos. She hopes to have the whole thing decorated and laden with offerings before it rises, the better to thank the creature who has spent its life inside this cage.

In the bakery sits a collection of offerings-to-be, both food and plant based, and she has plans for others which she has discussed with Jigano. And a booth outside in the snow manned by Evie is set up for decorations of the nest, as the base is raised. A bonfire brightens and warms the full area, and it is near it Amalia stands, waiting for the others to arrive.

It will take work, but she is confident in her people. With a quick prayer to Safrin the girl waits for others to arrive and offer aid.

Want to help build the Spark Bird perch? Sign up IC here! This ME is open to anyone in the Grounds, and has plenty of spots and jobs to fill so don't be shy! When you join, please indicate if you want to be part of Team Offerings, Team Decoration, or Team Construction!

Team Offerings: led by Jigano
1. Amalia

Team Decoration: led by Evie
1. Rexanna
2. Bastien

Team Construction: led by Deimos
1. Aisha

PQs will begin in 72 hours or when the spots are full. YOU MUST POST HERE FIRST TO JOIN A PQ
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Bastien De Rosieres
Guildmaster / Artist

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A chance to help with decoration? Bastien was there.

Thrilled to see some initiative to make something aesthetically pleasing for the Hollowed Grounds that didn't come from himself, he was sure to appear, glad to see the morning bore some grey clouds to block away the worst of the sun. Still, he wore covering clothes (such a shame) and had wrapped a stylish scarf around his head in a hood of sorts. Just because he was dressing to protect himself didn't mean he couldn't look good.

Eagerly waving to Amalia as he arrived, Bastien hoped it might be rather obvious what team he was best suited to, as the resident artist of Sanctuary. Heading towards Evie's stall he waited to begin, already thinking of how he could adorn the nest and perch to be the most beautiful it could be.

Bastien joins the decoration team!
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Aisha Khai

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they call it hell yeah, why don't we go there
In order to keep her mind at ease about leaving to Torchline for Longnight, Aisha planned on pitching in as much as possible to the effect of preparing the ones staying behind. The spark bird, something she'd read about in the booklet Jigano had given her, and heard about from various other sources. It seemed an important beast, and with so many endeavors to please it, she figured it was something she should be a part of.

Aisha arrived outside the bakery with an excited air about her, a youthful energy that brimmed in her step. Sleeves rolled up and ready to work, she gave a few waves to those she knew then went to join the construction crew.

Aisha joins construction team!
Jigano Silversmith
the Sage
Provost of the Loreseekers Soul Shepherd / Outlander Advisor
Portal Guardian
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Jigano had been hard at work helping prepare ingredients with Amalia while he waited for his own team of hunters and gatherers to assemble, but he took a break from the bakery to peek outside and see how the other teams were filling out. People were already signing up, he was glad to see, and he waved brightly to Aisha, wandering over to give her a grin.

"I was hoping you'd come hunting with me again," he teased lightly. He slanted a smile towards Deimos, arching a brow as he flexed his fingers, remembering their last training endeavor.

"Though I might be of use here, too. I'll need to track another herd before we can get the meatier offerings up and running. Until then I can offer a hand with the metalcrafting, if you need an extra set of magics." His offer was joined by a stick of charcoal appearing in his hand as he added his name to the list.

Jigano can help out with the Construction Team before Offerings get underway!
Unless otherwise noted, Jigano always wears a pair of black and silver bracers with a star design inset on each (Eclipse Bracers), and carries the lantern SoulKeeper at his belt.
Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword
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Familiarity in tradition eased him along the winter wakes, forgoing the gnarled irritation in their denial of pursuits. It simply meant they would have to find other ways, methods, means, and measures, an alternate route and path, segmented by primordial lore and capable hands. There’d been mixed sentiments of these procedures in his years here – the first hailed the Spark Bird, proud and ignited, bringing LongNight to its conclusion (but not without death and destruction before flared wings and tangible cinders). The second, despite their trials and tribulations, had signified nothing.

So this year, in their determination, mettle, and grit, they would try again.

Deimos had already gathered the necessary tools, placing them along the bakery walls, waiting for the rest to join, sign-up in their positions, where they craved and yearned to help. It felt like there was some sort of greater need this time around, and he couldn’t fathom why, when there were less to worry about. Maybe it was just the consternation rumbling along his chest. Maybe it was foreboding from the experience of it all.

He heaved a sigh and roamed forward, nodding at those who arrived, pleased to see a growing crowd milling around already. A brow arched in Aisha’s direction, the lightest and slightest of smiles. “Taking those opportunities, I see,” per their last conversation, as she aimed to join his crew. She’d yet to back down from any challenge, so he was content with her presence in the mold, and only stifled a snort at Jigano’s approach. “It would be most appreciated,” acceptance with another nod of his head. Considering the amount of creation contortions he’d have to undertake, even with his skills, the fatigue and exhaustion could be wearing towards the end. It’d be best to have more than just the Sword enacting it all. Then they would only need one more.
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Sunjata Senzaok
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He’s only in the grounds for a small amount – but he’s got time on his hands at this present moment and the next couple of days before he rounds everything else he needs out of the VlamVloed to take back to Torchline. So he spots the gathering at the booth outside the bakery, taking a deep inhale of breath (as much as his stitching would let him) before he exhales a white cloud of a sigh. Deimos and Amalia are there, as is Jigano.

He’s not welcome, not really. But does he care?

No, not really.

So instead, he sighs quietly once more, eyeing Deimos and Jigano and the woman he’s just recently met (what are timelines). “I can help with construction.” He offers quietly, arms moving to fold across his chest as he stands both with the construction team and still a small distance away, trying not to offend too much.

Sunjata joins the construction team! (WHAT COULD GO WRONG)
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Rance Grenier

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He wasn't much good at singing -- what raven was? -- and he'd missed a few chances to help out with other Long Night preparations. A bird perch, though? That was something he could handle. Even if it was unlike any bird he's ever heard of, looking it up in the Atheneum had at least given him some idea of what they were building a perch for and why.


When he arrived at the construction site, the volunteers present somehow didn't surprise him at all. A couple people were still unfamiliar, but the sight of Jigano, Aisha, and the ever-serious Deimos, brought a grin to his lips. Even his wayward employer stood nearby, looking a bit... uncomfortable? Oh, there was a story in that look he gave Deimos and Jigano. One he was both curious about and had a suspicion he'd be better off avoiding.

Nodding a greeting to the three he hadn't met before, he walked up to Deimos and Jigano. "Hey, here to help. Know a bit about carpentry, but I can help anywhere you need me. Just, you probably don't want me decoratin' anythin' if you want the bird to actually show up."

Rance volunteers for Team Construction or Team Offerings, whichever has room!
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Rexanna De Rosieres
the Penumbra
Queen of the Hollowed Grounds

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She arrives a bit later than her husband does, but she carries the parasol proudly to try and keep any rogue sunlight from appearing to ruin her day. A small smile is granted toward Amalia, still some hidden regret and sorrow that the attempt to get this to become permanent hadn’t been granted – but a bigger and wider fanged smile toward Deimos – trying to share all the appreciation and adoration for him being able to actually share some of the projects they had discussed.

But she sidles in beside her husband, shifting the parasol over her other shoulder as her arm snakes around Bastien’s waist and she nuzzles her cheek into his side in a small show of affection, before she pulls away a small amount. “Count me in for decorations, please!” She chimes, flashing them a grin before she settles in and waits for everything to start – ready and prepared to do whatever she could to try and atone for the mistake of their attempt with the gods.
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Amun Arlun

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Giving the bonfire a wide berth, Amun showed up, hood up and cloak drawn close. Taking a moment to scan the area, he waved and winked at Amalia. However, the Shield wasn't his destination today.

Instead, he joined both Rexanna and Bastien by the booth Evie was manning. The potter had an easy smile on his face, some of the sorrow and grief from last season having finally eased. Slinging an arm over the redhead's shoulders, he let out a low chuckled. "Three Ascended and a Wordsworth. Sounds like a good time to me." Winking, he dropped his arm.

Rubbing his hands together, he looked at the booth. "Decorations, huh? What're you thinking?"

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