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Lily Balfour

Age: 27 | Height: 5'9'' | Race: Accepted | Nationality: Outlander | Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Level: 4 - Strg: 16 - Dext: 19 - Endr: 18 - Luck: 14
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sing me a song of a lass that is gone
It’s one of those bright, but blustery days, the kind where when the wind stops blowing, the temperature climbs five to ten degrees in the sun, but the windchill can send a shiver down the unprotected spine.

It doesn’t stop Lily, though. She dons another layer and then, just for funsies, shifts to her cat form and heads out of Haulana, for the Miana Pool. She’s heard of something called the L’ma and also that it was gone. The idea of tossing a stone in for luck, however, is a cute idea, and it’s still one of the few places the entertainer hasn’t visited that isn’t out at sea. Paws to sand and rock, the flame-licked cat scampers out to the Pool, the sea breeze blowing that dark red fur like a flame.

One there, she shifts back and finds the perfect spot, staring out past the little pool to the sea.
merry of soul, she sailed on a day
over the sea to Skye
Saiden Hali

Age: 26 | Height: 6' 2'' | Race: Abandoned | Nationality: Outlander | Citizenship: Torchline
Level: 4 - Strg: 13 - Dext: 17 - Endr: 20 - Luck: 10
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just take your time wherever you go
Saiden was headed towards the Miana Pool, a colorful rock clutched in one hand. Whistling a cheerful sea shanty, he made his way down the coast, a content expression on his face. His only concession to the slight chill in the air was that he was wearing a shirt. Otherwise, he was dressed as he normally would, in shorts, no shoes, with a cutlass strapped to his waist.

However, as he approached, he spotted a beautiful woman. Grinning, he altered his course to approach her. "Hello gorgeous." He held up the stone he'd brought. "Are you here to make a wish too?" There was a lightly flirtatious tone to his voice, but he wasn't laying it on too thick yet.

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