Plot Advancing PQ What could go wrong?
Zephyr Kawaianu

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Huh. Well that uh... that coulda gone worse.

For you, anyway. The 'biter looks like he's having a rough time of it, but he's still alive so that's good at least. And everyone else is totally fine, so hey, all's well that ends well!

Except that it of course doesn't end there. From the dying form of the screeching giant monstrosity that has invaded your tunnels comes a searing squelch of magma. Alarm and disgust cross your face as you watch it begin to flood, your brain immediately mapping out the fastest way back to the entrance.

"There! Go that way - I'll guard the back." This you bark to Jata and Nate, gesturing down a tunnel that leads to the left. Looking at Eloise, you gesture that she should stay near you. You'll wait for the Outlanders to head through the darkness before making your own escape. Gotta be a proper host, after all.

Zeph directs y'all out via a left forking tunnel.
Melita Najya

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Vanquished, completed, done, and she watched for a moment as the screeching tore through ear drums and tunnels – and then, of course, because nothing ever truly went smoothly, the creature’s dying breaths permitted one last round of danger. Zephyr’s warning and direction flickered through her ears, and the girl wasted no time, impetuous, impulsive, scrambling her weapons together, grabbing hold of Fangorn, and racing. Her limbs were fast, sturdy, eager in the fervency, in the push and pull of adrenaline – but she looked back towards Nate, towards Sunjata, towards all the things loyalty and blood had honed. “Let’s go!” One free hand grabbed towards any of them nearby, prepared to drag, prepared to utilize and hone whatever force was necessary simply to get them out.


Melita grabs her belongings, Fangorn, and attempts to drag either Sunjata/Nate down the directed tunnel.
Nate Wren
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- NATE -
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Fire is fire is fire, and no matter it’s form it sends a sharp knife of panic through Nate, but magma is far easier to predict than a flailing octopus, and concern for Sunjata outweighs all his fears anyway. It sends Nate rushing forward, an arm wrapping around his fiancé and heaving him up, careful of the burns. In a perfect world, he’d have a chance to actually look at them, to maybe do something that would bring some relief, but right now they have to move.

Though it’s a Pyrrhic victory, at least in Nate’s opinion, it’s still a victory, and he can rest a little easier knowing that there’s no need to come back here, their task is done. He keeps close by Melita, trusting her to keep them on the right path, but unwilling to lean on her much more than that, when she’s already more than pulled her weight, and this is the first useful thing he’s done.

When the voice first sounds in his mind, distant, yet familiar, he tries to tamp it down, to keep from getting distracted. The familiarity explains itself quickly, Wessex, just in time for Nate to be hit with the full force of the news. Rexanna and Clem are dead. Clem is dead. God not again. He stumbles, nearly falling, and reaches out to steady himself on Melita, his face haunted, distant. He pauses just long enough squeeze Sunjata tightly, to suck in a grounding breath, and keep moving. Before anything else, they have to get out of here.

Nate follows along! and hears that message from Wessex it’s fine
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Sunjata Senzaok
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the flood
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The water works, the arrow from Melita works, and he’d be so fucking proud of the red haired girl if he weren’t suddenly finding the adrenaline begin to wear off when the creature starts to flail in its death throws. And he braces himself against the wall, stepping back in an attempt to get away from anything that might shoot out, that might damage and harm him.

He feels Nate first, as his mind continues to swirl, Haai following to keep some sort of berth between the moving magma and the way out. Zeph takes the lead and the adrenaline starts to wear off, Korofi curses slipping from him each time his movement causes a burn to tug and pull. He’s useless in listening to Zeph, somewhere within barking out the fact that at least Zeph was finally fucking doing something, tugged along with Nate as they’re guided out the tunnels in an attempt to evade more damage.

And then? Then when Nate staggers slightly, stumbling, Sunjata stumbles too – unable to really catch himself. Nate’s at his side reaching for Melita as they try to get out of the tunnels and Sunjata doesn’t quite understand why Nate might have done it. He hears none of the conversation that happens, just keeps his arm around Nate in the effort it takes to keep his feet beneath him.

Sunjata goes with everyone else! Haai follows behind Nate and Sunjata and Melita!
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Eloise Teralux

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Eloise sends a copy of herself and Zephyr strolling behind the group at and easy pace.

Melita would run ahead. Gritting her teeth, Eloise sends one of the illusory Saiden's prancing after the group. If she can do so without either of the boys noticing, she'll have Saiden pretend to scoop up Fangorn to make a pumpkin pie with, hopefully drawing Melita's attention. If successful, and still without either man seeing, Saiden will nose towards where the trio has just come from. Where Eloise and Zephyr are not following. Not the real ones, anyways..

That's about as much effort as she's willing to put in.

The real Eloise meanwhile has snuggled right close to Zeph, fingers wandering with inappropriate suggestiveness beneath his shirt, waiting to be wrapped up beneath his cloak.
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Sneaky, sneaky.

The group (the appearance thereof, at least) go off on their merry way down the corridor that Zephyr has indicated. Unbeknownst to them, however, two of the party have not been entirely honest.

Melita, Sunjata and Nate will indeed find their way out of the Fingers. But it will not be as quick or as easy as expected; the route that Zephyr indicated is not straightforward, looping them in circles a few times and becoming infuriatingly tight to navigate in others.

Eventually, though, they emerge at a different entrance to the one they came in - by this point of course Zephyr and Eloise are long gone, as are the illusions of them.

Pinned nearby, the three stragglers will see a note - almost like it was planned that way (because of course it was):

Hello Biter,

If you’re wondering what all of this is about, ask your neck-sucker.

Jack sends his regards.

- Zeph

You have completed this PQ+ and will all receive credit! Sunjata urgently needs healing, but the Fingers are now save to traverse again!
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