Drop cleverly and quietly
Ronin Taliesin
the Dark Star
Preceptor / Monster Hunter

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SUGAR - Mythical - Dragon (ice breath)
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I will fight the end
She slipped out of his grasp, astral or otherwise - and yes, it most definitely began to grate on his nerves. But there was nothing to be done now. Well, there was everything to be done - especially about the boy. And the Dark Star had to take a deep and painful breath even to consider it.

”Amalia, I’m sorry,” he said, his projection flickering away. Raising a hand bright with starlight, he positioned himself around the Shield as quickly as he might, and unleashed a starbolt at the boy. Better to put him out of his misery, much as it would break his heart to do so. That was how LongNight went, though. Giving up pieces of himself in exchange for... what, exactly? Gods only knew.

'til the end is here

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Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Portal Guardian
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you're staring at the sky
watching stars collide

No no no no no--

The starbolt flashes in the dark room, so painfully, terribly familiar, and a chill runs through to her bones. No, he can't be, he can't be, she won't allow it, no-!

She runs to the boy's side, but the bolt of light flies faster. She falls to her knees, projecting her barrier, not knowing if it will be enough. Blinded by the flash of light the Shield gropes through the dark, trying to find the little form and shelter it, keep it from being destroyed, to drag it to the door. "NO!" she cries into the darkness, fury and agony howling in her voice. "NO! Wake up- wake up! Say alive!"

She promised herself she would save him, that she would do everything she could. But her promises mean nothing, time and time again.

Barrier still up, Ama tries to block the starbolt and drag the boy out of the room (dead or alive).

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mary had a little lamb
its heart was black as coal
It takes. It devours. It feeds and regurgitates. The worry on Wessex's face goes completely unnoticed. It is only after the sound of an explosion echoes upwards from the basement, that the orb finally bursts with light, leaving Wessex...

...alive, if only barely. Falling to her knees, the orb will be gone and the pounding behind her eyes will have stopped. Should she do an internal scan, she will find a new upgrade has affixed itself directly into the core of her.

Meanwhile in the basement, the rescue has reached a critical point.

Ronin 's blast fills the room with light, and Amalia is seconds too late with her shield. Flesh is singed away from the boy's body, one arm is scalded and burned by starlight as the smell of charred flesh and burned hair rise up into the air. The Sheid too is wounded, though not so dramatically as her would-be ward. Still, Amalia isn't giving up, though she may well wish she had.

As the boy tried to warn her over and over again, he was the trap. No sooner does his body cross over the threshold of the door, the ominous rumbling in his stomach suddenly ceases and he detonates in her arms. Fire blazes outwards, burning Amalia's wrist and hands. Her clothing will melt and tarnish, her hair singed and her eyelashes shortened. Bits of metal within the bomb placed inside of the boy will have sliced outwards, cutting and slicing at Ronin, stabbing into his arms and stomach.

Wessex HP: 86/259
Ronin HP: 98/203
Amalia HP: 214/384

Wessex has received:

Damage Splash Upgrade | For every attack made at Wessex, double the damage is deflected back to the creature who caused it. (Elemental effects are not duplicated. 30 pts of fire damage is translated back as 30 pts of regular damage, for example).
it crept into her room one night
and ate her fucking soul

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