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Keyes Sen

Age: 50 | Height: 5' | Race: Fae | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: 0 - Strg: 4 - Dext: 11 - Endr: 9 - Luck: 11
HYPERION - Regular - Mouse
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The market, Keyes's most favorite place. For many reasons, the first being the atmosphere. It was exciting and lively, and there were always fae selling things that he could try to con or pocket. There were people to play, things to see and capture the eye, and most importantly it was easy to go undetected when he wanted to. To blend in with the crowd, or stand out.

Today he stood out. Having awoken that morning with an itching to paint, he started with his face, painting golden rings around his eyes then dipped his hands in the same golden glitter for effect. His clothes matched the scheme, a light flowy shirt with a sunny yellow skirt. It was an ironic piece, for while he was in summer the rest of the world was in their fitful winter, Longnight.

Hyperion at his shoulder, Keyes walked and fluttered through the market space, gazing over the trinkets and baubles for something interesting. Preferably something shiny, something he could collect, and possibly swindle.
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