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Delphia Thanatos

Age: 24 | Height: 5'10" | Race: Demi-god | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: 4 - Strg: 9 - Dext: 19 - Endr: 30 - Luck: 14
MORTICIA - Mythical - Cat Sith (Soul Stroll)
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Night fell once more, and with it her ever present friend insomnia visited.

Much plagued the mind of the young demigoddess, worlds and stories and wars and whispers and commands ringing in her ears; the din always reaching fever pitch when her mind was to be most at rest. And so she walked through the Greatwood, allowing it to take her wherever it wished. The wood had always nurtured her, raising her up as though she were one of the many seedlings spread amongst its ancient roots. She trusted its winding paths to take her wherever she needed to be, wandering aimlessly, eyes on the ground before her feet. Only when the base of a structure came into her sight line did she stop and look up. The Observatory.

Slowly but surely she made her way up the observatory steps, only to find the nearest flat spot to lay down and look up at the masterpiece of Safrin's creation. As she stared, the musings returned. The impending war with the Ascended, the souls lost to Mort, the Order crawling out of the woodwork...for the first time in all her years of living, she felt lost in the tapestry of fate, sailing an unnecessary course while lost in the sea of time. The world spun and turned and changed and it grated against her nature; for while life changed constantly, death remained ever the same.

Ludo had returned, but while they had given her the wood as her domain, it felt a hollow gift. What use was her power now that the herald had been restored? What use did she have? Did her father even need her anymore, or would she be forgotten to him as well? Her stomach flipped and brows furrowed at the thought of such an abandonment. She had been made for a purpose, and with that purpose gone, why wouldn't he after all? Doubt crept in where unwavering confidence once held firm, cursing the divine distance that kept her from seeking the solace she needed - solace only Mort himself could provide.

Then there was the war, the war that Mort wished not to come to pass, the war he had asked her to ponder. Her discussion with Wessex on the matter had proven frustrating, where Mort seemed willing to bend in parts to avoid mass bloodshed (which was really asking a lot from the one who oversaw death, she thought), the messenger of the Voice seemed loath to admit any area where her goddess might compromise. How could such violence be avoided? The Order...Finn her friend...these people seemed to think they knew how, but if even Mort was unsure what moves would or would not succeed, how could they possibly know? She worried her lip, tracing the outline of constellations with her gaze.

A meow caught her attention briefly as Tishy appeared, first sitting then curling up on her chest, purring as she wrapped Delphia up in her shadows. The seer smiled ever so slightly, scratching behind her ears before looking back up to the stars. Finally, as she settled into the warmth of the bond with her companion, a realization struck. Discontent. It was an emotion she had not experienced since her childhood, and in the whirlwind of the changing world, she had failed to recognize its presence. "Is this all there is for me?" she whispered to Tishy and the abyss, lips setting into a small frown. Perhaps she had already run the course of what she had to offer the world. The purpose for her birth no longer applied. In seeking out answers about this ascended war, she had little of substance to offer. And finding the ascended souls? Ha! How could she have deluded herself into believing she could find that which was lost to the gods? Foolishness. Truly, this could not be all that her father had planned or wanted for her. He had wanted to hear and see the paths of her life, yet each she took led no where. She was...unhappy. "How ungrateful am I, to want more than that which my maker has set before me?" she said with a soft sigh to her companion.

Delphia stared longingly into the heavens, searching for even the tiniest will-o-wisp of hope that there was indeed more in Vi and Rae's realms for her to traverse. And in it, she found only the vastness of the cosmos, void and silent.
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