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Juniper Dubois

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Juniper's eyes widened at Amalia's words -- not at the initial statement; Juniper had heard plenty of Fae declare their violent intentions towards the Ascended. It didn't surprise her to hear that such a private vendetta had succeeded at least once, either. Rather, the dismemberment was what startled her -- it seemed so gory, gratuitous, uncivilized. Why send corpse parts across the land?

But Juniper could imagine why, if she really thought about it: as a declaration of intent. A declaration of war.

"I didn't know about that," Juniper said, truthful as her blood demanded she be. "If that is Alina's policy, it was never communicated to me."

But ... would she stand for it? That was the real question, and it was harder to answer. Juniper could claim ignorance all day, but if she had known, what would she have done?

She could omit, but she couldn't lie, and she didn't even really want to hide much from Amalia -- the woman seemed sharp, and their open conversation felt important. Juniper took a deep breath.

"You are more familiar with the world beyond the Greatwood than I am -- I am here to learn -- so I believe you if you tell me that we will not get far in relations with other lands by slaughtering a portion of their citizens. I can certainly understand why even non-Ascended leaders would be alarmed and mistrustful after such an event."

Juniper paused. She was coming to the same conclusion Amalia had: this conversation hinged on the meaning of "justice," a usefully ambiguous word. Were Juniper more of a politician, she might have taken shelter behind it. But no, she wanted to communicate clearly.

"I do believe, personally, that the Ascended who attacked us deserve to die for what they did. I don't think that guilt applies to all Ascended -- to those who have become Ascended since the attack, for example, though I should confess I wouldn't be quick to trust them either. But for those who were involved ... You used the word 'trial' -- I think that would be a good idea, diplomatically and morally. The Ascended should be brought to trial and have a chance to defend themselves, and the Fae should have a chance to press our case."

Juniper paused again, thinking deeply. She hadn't expected to start framing policy when she walked out of the Greatwood this morning, but maybe this was part of the job -- thinking on her feet, coming up with new ideas. "I can't bind my people to anything, you understand -- not on so important an issue, not without speaking to Nephele and Alina. And there would be little question of innocence; it would be simply a matter of sentencing. Not to mention that I have no idea who both sides would accept as a neutral judge or jury. But I would rather see some sort of trial, some diplomatic solution, than a full-blown war."
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"I doubt your kinswomen feel the same," Amalia mutters darkly, though it is good to hear that Juniper, at least, sees slaughter as an unjust course. Sighing she drops her feet back to the ground, bare toes pressing to the cobblestones, grounding her in the world.

"Two of them are already dead," the girl points out, looking back at Juniper with a frank, tired expression. "But the one who was killed had nothing to do with the Mathair. If Alina wants justice, she should go to those responsible. Not allow her attack dog to cut down innocents."

The fire that blazes in her eyes fades as quickly as it rose, replaced by tired resignation. She places her palms upon the bench, tilting her head up to the sky. "Most of the Ascended didn't know what they were doing when they chose their paths- or, worse, weren't given a choice. I hate the Voice and all she stands for, but I can't find it in myself to blame the Ascended for what they have become. Only pity them."

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