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Arms still cling tightly to Sunjata, even as the kiss is broken, trying to keep him close, safe, as if Nate’s arms alone could protect the attuned from the force of the blaze. He’s only barely aware of Pemota, and through her Haai, working around them to ensure the little things they’d managed to save stay saved.

”Do I...” Nate let’s his gaze slip past his lover, staring wide eyed at what was once their home, then squinting, his mind chugging as he sized up the blaze, the distance between the houses. ”No, I... think it’ll be okay.” He tries to not make it sound like he’s uncertain, though really, he’s never been more uncertain about anything before in his life. It’ll probably be fine.

But... what about them? Nate clenches his jaw so hard it squeaks, and tears his eyes away from the fire, focusing back on Sunjata, licking his eyes with steel and letting himself drift, just a touch, away from this particular reality. To a place where all they need is each other. A house is just a place, and they have many places, friends and secret back rooms and more.

The second floor comes crashing down, sending up a halo of sparks, and making Nate stiffen, just a little bit. He’s still afraid of the fire, but looking up at it from here, it’s difficult to really feel the danger. ”There’s so many stars tonight.” He murmurs, letting his head tip back, the heavens and the embers almost indistinguishable from each other with the way his vision shifts and swims.
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Haai keeps an eye on the fire for Sunjata while he wraps himself up in Nate’s gaze, in his touch, relief swelling and burrowing through him like a light. And he trusts Nate, even if the answer comes out onlky a touch unsure. He gives it a fair amount of time, recovering his panting breaths, to be able to finally sit up when the second floor crashes in. Sunjata flinches when Nate stiffens, and his hand seeks out Nate’s as he sits in the grass, letting his steel gaze flicker over the flames again.

Perhaps Safrin’s close.” Sunjata murmurs thoughtfully, wondering if that’s what’s kept them safe.

But it falls on the wayside as he keeps Nate close, watching as the flames begin to burn the rest of the building until nothing’s left but the stone structure, and thick black smoke. There’s a few embers that remain but nothing that would spark anything – and Sunjata shifts back to Nate to press a kiss to his lover’s temple, then moves to stand to gather the things they’d managed to save – eyes crinkling with happiness at spying Lusea’s lantern along the lawn.

Soon enough, the companions and the men have the items they’d rescued in their arms, and after a few moments of deciding against telling whomever’s next door of the accident, they start their descent into Haulani to head toward the Slagveld and the Advocates guild.

- FIN <3
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