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"Mm, I think Hester feels the same way about the mountains. She has a hike planned for us." It was certainly very real way of taking one's mind off things, and he was grateful to the young woman for thinking of him in her plans. His expression softened as he spoke of her - he was lucky, in amongst it all, to have the friends he did in this world, to have those willing to endure his dark moods and grief that he might eventually find his way out of them eventually.

Surprise widened his eyes for a moment at Morgan's words, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude might've dampened his gaze a moment, before his eyelids blinked away the excess moisture. "I, uh… thank you." Tones were quiet, almost hushed. "She was born in a land not unlike Halo, called the Aurora Basin," he didn't quite know why he was telling her this, but the words started and they weren't finished yet. "I have some of her feathers… I was thinking of having a few weaved onto a collar for Auni to wear, and then taking some others on a flight across the Tundra… to put her to rest in a place like the one she grew up in."
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At the mention of Hester's name Morgan smiled, clear fondness on her features. "She reminds me of myself, when I was younger. Look after her on the hikes, won't you?" She asked him, not wanting to assume she was a part of the plans they had made. While Morgan wanted to (and for the most part did) believe in Hester's capabilities, the mountains could be dangerous and she would be destroyed to find anything had happened to her.

Giving Chulane his moment to recover Morgan averted her eyes, unsure if he would want her to see him cry before her. Often she had wished people had looked away during her own moments of weakness, so she tried to extend the same kindness. When he began to talk she looked back, hands folding on her desk before her.

"That sounds beautiful. If you need any help with that plan, be sure to let me know." Not that she wanted to intrude on such a special moment, but she knew that sometimes it helped to have another presence for the hard times.
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