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1. Knowledge:
- He wants knowledge that he can use to help people
- - Currently he is researching the history of Caido, the portal system, the Voice, The Climb, The Capitol City, and the Draig Cordillera

2. Items, Magic, and Shifts:
- an item or ability to absorb, reflect, or reduce dark magic
- an item that lets him pass through walls/closed doors
- an item that lets him know (the first time in a thread?) when someone tells him a lie
- to upgrade his Air magic
- to gain more breath weapons for his dragon shift/to gain additional dragon shifts with different breath weapons

3. Keeping his current friends and family safe
- He would like to become stronger, so he can better protect those dear to him (stat boost)
- He would like to gain friendly relations with Ludo and Mort, and serve them as Amalia does Vi
- - He would like to become a demigod of Ludo or Mort

4. Personal:
- He wants to be respected and trusted by those that know him
- He wants to succeed at something heroic
- He wants to explore the Draig Cordillera and possibly meet Caido

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