(SE) dying on promises
Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood
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the flood
feeling alive while you fight for your life
as you swim back to the beaches
It always takes him by surprise the amount of power Wessex has – the easy mock pushing having his torso shifting a small amount, flashing an amused smile Wessex’s way if only to overshadow the awkwardness. Especially as she gestures to three of them – him, Magrethe, Nate – all of which that would have Sunjata scratching his head, if not for the fact that she continues.

Short. Blonde.

Hotaru. Not Wessex’s sister, but who is he to say what she imagines while sick? Nor how the fuck does he explain how she’d simply… Left, sick just as they were, unable to find her. Perhaps she’d left them after all, the commitment too much? He doesn’t know, but he does know that he can try to play along. “Oh.” He begins, not knowing how Magrethe had passed, about to make quite the critical blunder. “You brought her home from the Climb. She got sick when we all did. We think she left.” Had simply walked away from it all. “We, uh, we haven’t been able to find her.” A frown on his lips – so much going on lately, he can’t quite keep it all straight.
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Feel free to use magic/force on Sunjata, without killing him <3
Wessex Theskyra
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No one except Amalia and Rory know how Magrethe passed, so it’s not Sunjata’s fault - it’s not Wessex’s fault, either, for her state of mind - it’s just an unfortunate conversation.

The Wraith struggles to remember the events from their exploration into the Climb; she closes her eyes to draw on still-frame pictures of the expedition, mentally following the group until she does, indeed, bring Hotaru home. Except Hotaru still has Magrethe’s face - it’s the only reason she can explain the tenderness she feels for the other woman. To hear that she’s gone missing is just… an utter shock. A jolt to her system. Her sister’s name echoes into the bowels of her brain and though the demigod stands there, looking at nothing, the real memories are revived.

“Of course not,” the Queen whispers as she looks at Sunjata. “that’s because she’s dead.” The overflow of emotion is too much for Wessex as she seems to lose her sister all over again. Fluid wells up in her eyes as she looks away from the Flood and then disappears.


She whispered back, I am the storm

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