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Noah Olson
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An epidemic of the mannequins
Contaminating everything
We thought came from the heart
The lynx's gaze did not go back to the dragon. Rather, his eyes moved from Delphine's retreating form to the snow, to Loren, to the snow, and back towards his lover. His heart still pounded in his chest, and he couldn't manage to gain control of it. He wished so desperately in this moment for Delphine to be able to hear him over the bond. Turning to human form and calling after her, or chasing after her, would surely mean death. Delphine, stop. Delphine, stop moving. Woman, STOP MOVING. He screamed in his head, jaw tightening as he did so. He lifted icy eyes to watch her calm-looking retreat and he glanced sideways just for a moment to see the dragon's fixation on the blonde.

Noah's blood ran cold. The woman, his lover, disappeared.

Where did she go?

Time seemed to stop around him and all Noah could hear was his own blood pounding in his ears. He no longer had control over what laid out across the attuned bond. Loren would surely be hit by the barrage of his emotions. Noah hadn't felt this since he heard of Weaver's death. It consumed him whole--the turning, twisting, churning, fiery burst and grasp of devastation. NO! He felt his whole body start shaking. His claws dug into the ice and snow, fury rising from him as if from the tundra itself. His hackles rose and his lips curled in a silent snarl--but he dare not move.

It never did right from the start
Just listen to the noises
the Firebrand
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like thunder gonna shake the ground
As the dragon took off, Loren turned to follow it. When he saw it dive for Delphine it took all his willpower not to dash towards her.

And then she was gone, and he could feel Noah's emotions battering him in addition to the healer's own.

He shook his head as if that would clear the onslaught. Reaching out, he placed a paw on the hunter's back. The lion pressed down, shuffling closer to the other man and pressing against his side. We'll find her. Although Loren wasn't using much pressure right now, if Noah went for the dragon the healer would sit on the hunter if he had to.
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Raza Ekambe
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Gods, but the girl is stupid - runnin’ like that from a predator will only trigger its instincts. I stay stok-still, tryin’ to watch the other little specs that are people outta the corner’a my eyes. An’ then the dragon takes flight an’ gives chase an’ I just… watch in horror as the woman then just disappears. It’s obvious by one’a the others’ reactions that they know her, they chase the dragon, an’ I think that, too, is stupid. Noble, but stupid.

When it’s safe to move again, I do, tryin’ just to get to the portal as quickly as I can an’ not get caught up in any more’a this weird Halo/Climb shit.

Every day I spend outta Torchline confirms that that’s the only place I really wanna be. With my sand an’ my sea an’ the rest’a my found family.
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we shall all burn together
Everyone else stays appropriately still, and so, without further ado, the dragon winks of existence as well. Does it go to wherever Delphine is, to eat her? Have they all simply vanished from existence? Who knows.

The wind howls out across the tundra, and none are the wiser.

Fuck sorry : )

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